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Excerpt from Article Critique:

This content was published in Naturel, which is a well-known science publication, and that presented the information at a level that was more appropriate to get general public usage than it could be for a exercising clinician or a student. Being a student and a future teeth hygienist, I used to be appreciative to the fact that Merolla helped bring this information to light, but I was also left wishing that I could have seen a peer-reviewed journal that noted the studies in greater detail. The content was complete for a standard audience and it performed its function of making women that are pregnant aware that dental health is a severe issue, yet from a hygienist’s point of view, I would have got liked to acquire seen this article presented in the original academic form since it would have included more information about how exactly the disease was transmitted via mother to child.

Being a future oral hygienist, I felt this article was a concise overview of the analysis findings between gingivitis and stillbirth. Though it did not enter lengthy technological details about the findings, this article provided enough necessary specifics about the importance of oral health to help make the readers, which includes myself, which there was a web link between common disease and pregnancy reduction. I found this content to be very important because I am working with women that are pregnant at times. Now that I know there is a serious and potentially perilous link among gingivitis and stillbirth, I will work towards realizing, identifying and controlling gum disease in my people. I will as well make sure that my personal patients know about the serious character of dental health, not for the goal of frightening these people, but to perform everything inside my power to be sure that they give birth to

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Research from Content Critique:

I know that they found which the bacteria can simply come from the oral cavity, but I just wonder if they are positive that was what caused the baby’s death.

I would also be interested to find out why this kind of positive correlation between gingivitis and stillbirth has just been identified up until now in animals. They have just under no circumstances tested individuals for this just before? Or have that they tested them before and located not correlation until now. In the event the latter may be the case, then simply why is this kind of patient’s final result more viable than other testing that got the opposite outcomes?

I i am the type of person whom always would like to know the how’s, why’s where’s and when’s, so I might be expecting an excessive amount of from one small article. However I cannot help but imagine some of the statements in the document are a tad sensationalized or in other words that they are attempting to make the study could be seen as a innovative discovery when in fact , it is just one of many results of various analysis and tests that have been done.

Regardless, My spouse and i am nonetheless proud to become part of an occupation that can include such a dramatic influence on people’s lives and overall health. Some people look at dentistry as primarily a cosmetic job, but as We am continuous to learn, a large vast variety of medical disorders that can derive from poor mouth hygiene and also other dental-related problems. This makes the role of the dental hygienist considerably more essential than some people may think.

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