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Out of this class, we now have learned a lot about how to build up a crew; the benefit and disadvantages of team-work; communication among team members and training to boost teamwork, and so on. From Kohn’s book “Six Habits of Highly Effective Teams I have learned six guidelines that make they work efficiently. The principles are “strengthening emotional capacity to improve team relationship, growing team self-awareness, practicing accord and respectfulness, establishing and regulating crew norms, thinking laterally, entrusting team members with appropriate functions.

 (Kohn 2007) Next, I will combine with my own team activities to talk about the six rules. First of all, the style “strengthening emotional capacity to increase team relationship demonstrated the relationship between crew menbers and team innovator is important. A fantastic relationship in a team is known as a sense of trust between the team members and keeping group identity and team efficiency. These three conditions need the team’s ability to create a good mental atmosphere and management to develop emotional norms, and develop team psychological intelligence.

Underneath this very good emotional atmosphere, team members can understand one another, adapt to one another and value each other. When the team members come up with different tips, they can also consult, understand a way that everyone agrees with, and they may trust each other. This is exactly the ideal atmosphere within my family crew. When we have some different suggestions about travel, my uncle will give everyone a paper to write down all their thought, after which I will go through those thoughts in front of everyone. Our family member will discuss the advantages and disadvantages for every strategy and finally decide where to go, which way is the best one for us. So , we all understand the personal feelings with the team members and that we should establish the norms of mutual understanding to encourage members, in taking into consideration the problem and using the accord approach. The team leader is a crucial part to formulate a good ambiance.

When members disagree with the team decision, the leader probably should not always believe the worst, and should try to find out why the members will vary ideas and listen to these people carefully. Facing the problem habit, the team head should mention the problem instantly, resolve contradictions with a spontaneity. When a couple of people disagree with the staff decision-making, we usually make use of the simple approach; theminority is subordinate to the majority. Although sometimes, whenever we choose to stop and tune in to opposing views, we may gain an unexpected, new and good option. The most important points are respecting individuality and different points of perspective, not disparaging others, recognizing the member’s contribution, let them know that the crew consider all their ideas. A big benefit in my relatives team is our team will not ignore the landscapes of any individual, that we may exchange different ideas in an equal environment. Team members may feel the team focus on them; there is a sense of belonging. Second, “expanding team self-awareness. Kohn in his book says, “The substance of interpersonal empathy and effective empathetic behavior in organizations. The skill’s necessary characteristics consist of: seeking 1st to understand.

Getting other-oriented. Sense “with your lover or other people. Listening actively (PP 109). He also mentions, “a team needs a name. I am uniting with this. A industry’s goal or slogan generally presents the spirit with their team. If a company can create the significance of innovation, the employees of the venture can think proud since an part of the company. such as Apple company which will leading digital technology styles, Apple’s staff that they work for change the world. And if an organization needs a personnel, then the personnel will feel very proud, includes a great feeling of belonging. Also, employees that are enthusiastic about their own operate and obtained excellent outcomes, the completion of the work brings him a sense of pride. In my family group, we in addition have a slogan, which can be “I love my family. We increase a group in social network, everyone can post all their mood, thoughts and photographs on it. Despite the fact that I are in the United States, they will know my own recent life.

Third, “practicing empathy and respectfulness. Empathy is a very crucial communication skill. In an organization, the employees may come from around the globe, and they have different backgrounds, encounters, hobbies, positions and potential. Encountering complications, human’s characteristics will always move forward from their positions, and thus conflicts may occur. If the associates could be shared understanding, located on each other’s position envisage the problem, the contradictions may well easily be mitigated. In my family group, we likewise meet a few problems too. Sometimes during our holiday, the timetable will change occasionally, but we might didn’t come up with a backup prior to. Argue will begin. But luckly, the conversation between my children members happen to be patient and moderate.

Were know one another a lot and weunderstand our common goal is a good vacation, let every person enjoy the vacation. And we almost all love our family, sometimes were even happy to compromise the views intended for the enlightening atmosphere from the family. 4th, “establishing and regulating staff norms. If a team has no system, then a team members don’t have rules that may be followed. This can be a terrible issue. Such as a game, if not the rules of the game, do not know whom are the guys who would be the winner. When a project get a good harvest because of staff’s work, the leader must be know how to talk about the benefits with team members. Since to judge the leadership successes is certainly not focus on simply how much work the best choice take, but what kind of efficiency he business lead a staff to be success.

Therefore , the bigger the team’s achievements, the values of leadership are usually more obvious. When the leadership reveal this exclusive chance and accomplishment back to his staffs, the staffs will be grateful to get a team and thank because have these kinds of a leader. Fifth, “thinking laterally, as Kohn mentions “even though task oriented project have performed in the past, and with a little pondering, they will be completed the same way inside the immediate future¦ solutions that work tend to be and should always be repeated. However , clients or organizations themselves have a need for creativity. They are looking for far more than simple bodies with essential skills to take care of tasks that keep the procedure running smoothly (PP 142). I really enjoy this point of view; this really is my favorite component in this publication. Because of We am extremely interested in imagination and novelty. I also think that human development and invention may not be separated through the creativity and innovation. Horizontal thinking is to bring vigor and creativity.

Employees’ horizontal thinking business lead the company can often produce surprising. Sixth, “entrusting team members with appropriate roles. It is very important to get an effective crew to put the right person within a right position. A crew leader should know how to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in the team members, and arrange them in the most appropriate location, so that they can induce their fullest potential. A staff is a non-essential role; the employee is not the role of placing. Role of career planning is a standard, workers need to consciously and autonomy according to the function planning to develop themselves, had better establish a functions incentives. According to this device, perhaps their subordinates’ careers cannot go beyond the manager, but as a great role, work independently, the remunerationmay go beyond manager; based on the manager’s part responsibilities evaluation the subordinates are more proficient, there must be a mechanism to enhance the subordinates.

Above all of six habits, I have a better understanding of effective team. Successful team has a development goals to total the task, the mutual trust of the associates under a successful leadership, good communication, work together positively. The building of an useful team can be executed from the next aspects. Through systematic evaluates, help the team member understand themselves in depth, explicit team members have got advantages and disadvantages, work preferences, their various way to resolve problems, the essential values ‹‹of differences; final get shaped share the same beliefs and consistent watch of the reason for the team between the team members, in order to establish the principles of the game to managing a team.

They also needs to present education opportunities for employees and listen to the employees’ opinions, encourage employees’ creativity. An effective team demands division of labor and co-operation. Enhanced the leadership. Initially, leaders has to be a good example, to cohesion a team completely. Also, crew cohesion can be invisible religious strength, the cohesion in the team from the inner characteristics of the associates, from the consensus values. If we can use the worthiness to lead the team, the team could be more effectively.


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