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Handstar Inc. was created a little over 4 years ago by two school roommates to formulate software applications intended for handheld computing devices. It has as grown to ten employees with twelve-monthly sales getting close to $1. 5 million. Handstar’s original product was an expense report software that allowed users to record expenses on their hand held computers and after that import these types of expenses in a spreadsheet that then produce an expense report in one of five standard formats.

Based on the success of its initially product, Handstar subsequently produced three additional computer software products: a program for traffic monitoring and calculating the performance of investment portfolios- a calendar plan, and a program that allowed users to download their email messages off their PC and read all of them on their hand held computers.

The 2 founders of Handstar have got recently become concerned about the competitiveness with their offerings, particularly since non-e of them have been updated after their primary launch.

Consequently , they asked the owners of application and promoting to communicate and make a list of potential projects pertaining to updating Handstar’s current offerings as well as to develop ideas for extra offerings.

The administrators were also asked to estimate the development costs of the several projects, product revenues, as well as the likelihood that Handstar could retain or obtain a command position to get the given product. Likewise, with the increasing popularity of the world wide web, the creators asked the directors to gauge the extent to which the products made use of the net.

The product expansion and marketing directors identified three projects related to modernizing Handstar’s existing products. The first project would combine Handstar’s current calendar system with its email software. Integrating both of these applications into one program gives a number of rewards to users such as letting them automatically your dates of meetings into the calendar based upon the content associated with an email concept. The company directors estimated that the project could require 1250 hours of software development period.

Revenues in the first yr of the product’s launch were estimated to get $750, 000. However , since the directors anticipated that a significant percentage from the users may likely upgrade to this new product soon after its intro, they forecasted that total annual sales could decline simply by 10 percent annually in subsequent years. The directors speculated that Handstar was relatively likely to obtain a leadership position in email/calendar programs if this job were performed and believed this program built moderate use of the Internet. The other project related to updating the price report program.

The directors estimated that the project might require 400 hours of development period. Sales had been estimated to be $250, 1000 in the initially year also to increase 5% annually in subsequent years. The directors speculated that completing this kind of project would almost certainly keep Handstar’s management position inside the expense record category, even though it made small use of the world wide web. The last item enhancement project required enhancing the existing collection tracking system. This project would require 750 several hours of development time and might generate first-year sales of $500, 500.

Sales had been projected to boost 5 percent each year in future years. The directors sensed this project would have a higher probability of maintaining Handstar’s leadership location in this category and the item would make average use of the Internet. The owners also discovered three options for new goods. One project was the development of a spreadsheet program that can share data with spread-sheet programs created for Computers. Developing the product would need 2500 several hours of expansion time. First-year sales had been estimated being $1, 500, 000 with an annual development rate of 10 percent.

While this product would not make use of the Net, the owners felt that Handstar had a moderate potential for obtaining a command position from this product category. The second new product opportunity discovered was a Web browser. Developing this product would need 1875 advancement hours. First-year sales were estimated to become $2, 500, 000 with an annual progress rate of 15 percent. Although this kind of application produced extensive use of the Internet, the directors believed that there were a very low probability that Handstar could obtain a command position in this product category.

The final merchandise opportunity discovered was a trip planner program that would work in conjunction using a PC coupled to the Web and download travel instructions to the user’s hand held computer. This product would need 6250 several hours of creation time. First-year sales had been projected being $1, three hundred, 000 with an annual progress rate of 5 percent. Like the Web browser plan, the owners felt that there was a decreased probability that Handstar may obtain a management position from this category, although the program tends to make extensive make use of the Internet.

In evaluating the projects, the founders thought it was sensible to assume each product had a three-year life. In addition they felt which a discount charge of doze percent reasonably reflected you’re able to send cost of capital. An research of pay-roll records indicated that the expense of software builders is $52 per hour which includes salary and fringe rewards. Currently you will find four software developers about staff, and works 2300 hours each year. Which choice should they select?


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