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Identification of Harley-Davidson’s strategy as well as its rationale detailing its assets and capacities. After that i actually compare these to those of Honda. Wfat does my own analysis mean for Harley’s potential to establish cost and differentiation benefits over Honda. Knowing that, what threats does Harley encounter? And then how Harley may sustain and enhance it is competitive benefit?

Question 1: Identify Harley-Davidson’s strategy and explain their rationale.

The fundamentals of the Harley-Davidson business strategy turn around three main points: These products, the relationship between your company and consumers, as well as the distribution network.

To start with, before I explain these types of three policies, we can try to see what was the condition that Harley-Davidson had to solve, and how come it needed a real strategy to possess a bigger competitive benefit. Actually, how a firm may evolve facing an important conflit, with keeping a strong company identity?

The key part of the concurrence is Japanese people (Honda, Phazer, ¦), which in turn enjoys quite a few shares in the marketplace, thanks to the low prices, technology modernity, reliability and comfort.

Today, the concurrence is also English with “Triumph and German with “Ducati. So , Harley-Davidson had to change, to revolutionize several areas of its brand, in order to always recruit new clients, but with out evolving too quickly, otherwise the corporation would lose its graphic, and its devoted & traditional bikers. Without a doubt, if a firm like Harley-Davidson (where the sense provided by the brand has a strong power) changes too fast, this one will forfeit the reason that gets customers to buy usana products. That’s why HI-DEF had to choose a real strategy.

1/ The items policy: is definitely the field where the company had taken the most significant dangers.

On the one hand, this course of action was seen as the “Buell acquisition more than a decade ago (Producer of more sportive motorbikes). HD decided to get this organization to expand its marketplace to the younger segment.

On the other hand, within this strategy, we can pressure the importance of constant technological innovations with the launch of recent engines just like the “Twin Camera 88 engine in 1998 and the “V-Rod in 2001, that were successful, although included a lot of dangers for the image of the group as well as the traditional brand.

Furthermore, the business tried the best to keep the lifestyle of the trademark, and to continue to make it exclusive. That’s why, whether or not Harley got risks by simply creating and differentiating usana products (new designs, merchandising, ¦), it managed to conserve the key elements of the traditional motorbike. This paid work to respect of the brand, its product, seem of the engine, its noises. In other words, the organization, despite enhancements, succeeded in keeping the personality, the personality of the legend.

Finally, we can point out the important benefit created by the sales of accessories, and “general merchandise whose clothes, which stand for by twenty percents of total sales (500 millions of dollars every year), more than other competitors on the market.

2/ The relationship between the company and its buyers: HOG (Harley Owners Group): the most important Fan club on the globe. There are 750 000 associates in the world who also pay 70 euros/year and also have to buy all their motorbike on the HD’s dealer. This group is a family members. HOG is designed to develop the company involvement in consumers’ driving experience. Through this firm, Harley tried to deliver to customers, the sense of community, the traditional mentality in the firm, feelings and an atmosphere after the brand. Truly, throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, a key challenge for Harley davidson was to degree the devotion and passion of traditional Harley davidson owners.

3/ Distribution network: Upgrading HD’s distribution network was a key aspect of Harley’s development approach during the 1980’s and 1990’s. The company imposed stricter guidelines for retailers of the brand. Indeed, to be better with requirements and desires of consumers, the business had to have a great appropriated selling environment for the requirements with the customer group. Dealers had been compelled to provide a higher normal of performance in pre and after salesservices. They also needed to carry out a complete set of Harley replacement parts and accessories, and to perform services on Harley cycles. So , the improvement in network distribution leaded to higher demand that outstripped supply.

Problem 2: Evaluate Harley-Davidson solutions and capacities to those of Honda. How much does your research imply to get Harley’s probability of establish cost differentiation advantage over Honda?

First of all, we are able to do a desk dividing methods and capacities of each organization.


Resources: – Since 1903- Domination in heavy and super-heavyweight part (cruiser and touring bikes) focused in US market- 620 ALL OF US dealers (exclusivity)- Poor technology advances, certainly not diversified, are not able to share technology- Property and equipment: $627. 8 million (1998)- LUXURY TOURING debt: $280. 0 , 000, 000 (1998) Capacities: – Smaller sized volume of cycles, low creation capacity- Neighborhood advertising and promotion- Problems to access financial systems of size, low negotiating power- Worldwide expansion (Latin America, Asia, Europe)- Revenue: $2, 064 million (1998)- Prices: among $5, five-hundred and $19, 000 Methods: – Since 1947- Joined US marketplace in 1959- Performance and touring bikes segment- Go directly to merchants, largest store network in the usa. – Diversified (automobiles) thus share technology- Property and equipment: bucks 8, 811. 4 , 000, 000 (1998)- LT debt: $5, 130. 6 million (1998) Capabilities: – Larger motor bike manufacturer, remarkable productivity- Hefty advertising straight to consumer- Heavy investment in R&D, economies of scale and successful distribution enable it to formulate technically excellent at lower prices- Foreign expansion (Europe, Asia and US)- Revenue: $45, 418. 2 mil (1998)- Prices: between $6, 000 and $ 11, 000


Resources. 1/ In as opposed to Honda, Harley-Davidson has a actual domination onthe heavyweight section, but the is actually that it is primarily focused on the US market.

2/ The HD’s dealership network is less extensive than this of Honda.

3/ It appears obvious that Harley is usually not a innovator as far as the technology is involved. As we can see, Honda has some diversified scientific products. Honda produces as well automobiles, which in turn enables it to share technology advances. So , in this site, the only means by which Harley davidson could find potentialities to establish differentiation advantage is to continue to acquire or combine with other technology advanced companies.

4/ In accordance the amount of revenue, we can say that Harley-Davidson contains a lower cost benefit than Honda. Indeed, these costs symbolize about 1/3 of sales for Honda whereas they represent nearly 1/2 of sales for Harley. So , HD has additionally a potential to further improve its operating and expenditure cost.

Functions. 1/ Harley davidson has a low production potential, while Honda has a superior productivity. This point should stay like that, regarding the distribution program of Harley, whose purpose is to maintain a high demand opposed to a small supply.

2/ Harley has a potential to set up a differentiation advantage overseas, nonetheless it should spend abroad and communicate as best as possible, to get also a head on heavyweight segment, elsewhere than in the USA. The marketing and campaign is an issue where Harley can take a real differentiation advantage over Honda. By this way, the company might get better the image about Europe and new territories to sponsor new bikers, because pertaining to the moment, the promotion of Honda can be staying heavier, and is directly tailored to consumers.

3/ Harley davidson has troubles to access financial systems of scale, as regards to the small production potential. Also, although the close associations with suppliers (SAC), and reliance with only a few important suppliers has become successful so far (Harley expanded its program of quality improvement toencompass its suppliers), there is a risk of significant interruptions in development if a particular supplier did not provide the necessary materials, or ceased functions. This gives the suppliers a large amount of bargaining power, and it is something Harley davidson should be keenly aware of.

4/ We know that the focal point of HD’s overseas ambitions is usually Europe. Yet we likewise know that the domination of Honda in this market is larger. The reason is straightforward. Honda makes heavyweight motorbikes, but as well middleweight and sportive bikes, which are powerful in Europe. So , the potential of Harley in increasing it is shares on the European marketplace, is to carry on and recruit the younger segment, which can be more interested in the second kinds of bikes. Also, we are able to precise which the Harley’s presence in Asian markets outside of Japan is small.

Question a few: What threats does Harley davidson face?

On the one hand, we can place emphasis on limitations to control that continue to come down, and that causes manufacturers to target their initiatives to become worldwide competitors, otherwise risk dropping market share. Businesses engaged in the industry of heavyweight motor bikes have to contend with the elevating competition through the so-called “copy-cat manufacturers. Harley Davidson, being a leader in the heavyweight bike segment, has already established to be specifically aware of this increasing risk of competition. It must regularly be aware of the threat of substitute goods that have the potential to erode existing market shares.

Moreover, demand for Harleys is so high that the provider’s manufacturing functions cannot support. This has led resourceful internet marketers to take advantage of Harley’s inability to meet demand, by assembling related bikes employing third party after market components. In addition , substantial prices intended for heavyweight motorbikes are causing some consumers to switch to people competitors who have are focused on reducing manufacturing costs and completing these cost savings along to the consumers.

Besides, two main factors in the global overall economy can have a serious effect on HD’s ability to boost foreign sales.

The initially these elements is the the latest trend in developing countries such as, Southeast Asia, with experienced an outburst in technical development and rising cash flow levels. Secondly, trade agreements/associations have result in the business of large local trading hindrances, like NAFTA, that are minimizing trade limitations and increasing access to previously “unexploited marketplaces. These developments are obvious of the intensifying shift toward a truly global economy, when the boundaries and contours of business will always disappear.

Alternatively, Legal-Political elements are also significant threats that Harley-Davidson must face. Because Harley will find opportunities to enhance its business in these overseas countries, it will have to become increasingly aware of the differences in lifestyle and the appropriate business procedures within every single country/region. This problem will become more and more important seeing that Harley-Davidson aspires hardly in spreading their presence offshore.

Labour union negotiations are another element that Harley-Davidson should consider. Several companies in the marketplace have experienced, when ever negotiations breakdown, this can have got extremely unfavorable results upon production procedures and the possibility of lost business, to intense companies who also are more than eager to take advantage any weak points in their competition. Indeed, we could highlight the Harley Davidson’s recent legal dispute with Loews Corporation’s Lorillard tobacco unit. Harley davidson and Lorillard had previously entered into a where Lorillard could use Harley’s trademark about its cigarettes.

Due to the increase in smoker’s law suits against cigarette companies, Harley davidson became concerned over the likelihood of potential related legal responsibility exposure. Harley davidson decided to break its nine-year old guard licensing and training contract with Lorillard, and thus, Lorillard filed a legal action. Harley and Lorillard have got since reached a settlement in the licensing challenge, but the details of the arrangement are still pending. This significant issue shows how agencies need to be aware about our societies changing cultural views, and ideals to prevent costly economical mistakes plus the loss of goodwill associated with brand name recognition.

Furthermore, it can be mentioned that the frightening slight reduction in market share, coming from 1993, can result in a shed of market share to opponents, by consumers who should be discouraged above the lack of flow of heavyweight motor bikes and the maniacally long hold out times and production delays, especially simply by Harley-Davidson (even if Harley’s recent expansion plans plan to alleviate this problem over the subsequent five years by elevating capacity inside existing facilities).

Question four: How can Harley-Davidson sustain and enhance its competitive placement?

It seems to become obvious that HD ought to increase the recognized reliability to its motorcycles and concentrate on its perception of American community. It is during these domains that the brand must improve or confirm the reputation. Because it is inevitable to express that the picture of the brand (the most important property of Harley-Davidson) allows that to stay on a good competitive position about heavyweight bikes market, but we can also state that HD is not considered as a dependable brand regarding competitors, and desires renewing or perhaps improving.

So far as the American sense of community is concerned, the company will need to adopt a Market coverage technique according to the variety of demands and wishes of existing or potential customers. Actually, to sustain it is competitive placement, Harley-Davidson should certainly continue to focus on an undifferentiated segment of shoppers, which appeals to the rebellious side of each and every person’s personality, regardless of age, gender, or life-style. When we claim undifferentiated portion, it includes likewise the new motorcyclists, the younger segment whose symbolizes a big concern for HIGH DEFINITION to target. Whomever people targeted are rebellious consumers, or perhaps conservative consumers, HD must maintain its motivation to capture the rebel in everyone, since everyone can discover his very own rebellious side, and it is the reason that HIGH DEFINITION can reach step by step. Therefore , the organization should try to define along with possible different needs on this undifferentiated segment to identify better it is product (offer a wide range of products), to connect the Harley experience, and also to get every consumers to belong to the HD’s community.

Indeed, if we analyze the consumer’s purchasing decision with regards to a touring HI-DEF motorcycle, we can see that consumer buy that in order to have a domestic motorcycle with a strong sense of community. This dimension needs all the more since Honda has recently been currently taking actions to improve its impression of community. The more Harley will decrease its indifference and obtain consumers to prefer the American made version, the greater their involvement in the identification brand increases. To let buyers understand that Harley-Davidson can provide owners the original American motorcycle, so that the brand becomes unique.

To get the trustworthiness, the company has to consider prior to, the process whereby a consumer prefers to purchase a sport or a visiting motorcycle. Most people are looking for high reliability once purchasing a touring motorbike, specifically a Harley-Davidson’s one. So , although the organization makes trusted motorcycles because of many within quality control, it is even now perceived as making a less-reliable bike when compared to overseas companies due to the high level of technology and advanced processes used by these companies. For this reason, regarding the customer’s behavior, Harley-Davidson has to expand as best as possible its technology and solutions to grant a high perceived reliability to consumers. Features (suspension, storage capacity, comfortable seat, gas mileage), the elevating number of top quality checkpoints during production, as well as the extent of the manufacturer warrantee can without any doubt allow the organization to shift consumers’ awareness of reliability and to be perceived thus reliable since other competition like Honda. Also, with the help of new features and quality improvement, the brand prevents to go over the maturity regarding the motorcycle life cycle, and to stay close with consumers’ requires.

Finally, we can lay emphasis on the trickery marketing mix variables that Harley-Davidson ought to exploit in order to execute the strategic placement, also international and especially in Europe. We can sum up these kinds of variables while the 3P’s. A price skimming: slightly larger prices in accordance with direct opponents, a selective distribution: a limited number of retailers could cause an increase in demand, and a move promotion: mass media advertising. The organization must use competitive costs for the motorcyclesthemselves and competitive prices for the numerous accessories open to customize the bike. These accessories could cause the bike’s total price, after customization, being higher than rivals, but the preliminary price is competitive. The circulation should be selective to maintain high demand while the creation of motorbikes is little.

By this way, by building a low volume of motorcycles and selling these people through a low number of vendors, they can continue to benefit large margin product sales. Furthermore, the promotion ought to pull customers to Harley by using marketing. The company need to insist on this, because one of the better means to achieve communicating with buyers is to make a message to get a pull approach. This meaning should use media advertising and marketing to communicate as best as it can be its thought, that is to say the next message: Harley davidson offers dependable American motor bikes and invites you to enroll in its family.

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