Has technology shaped our society? Essay

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Whenever we look back to the mid thirties, we’ll see that the US was facing a very difficult time. Following your gigantic loss on the Nyc Stock Markets, the economy was on its way for an all period low.

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The unemployment costs were astronomically high, bringing about even worse conditions. ‘But why did this kind of happen? ‘, we may wonder. Well, there is also a very simple reply to that question. Just before the economical demise, many people worked on the land, inside the agraric industries.

But technology had, since it always has, an inexpensive answer to the quest for cut costs. Many everyone was replaced by machines, producing the land-owner able to provide the same amount of goods with fewer workers around the land. This lead to the gigantically excessive unemployment rates, which upon its switch lead to an exceptionally high quantity of overproduction (after every, people with simply no jobs could not spend very much money in primary and secondary requirements, let alone tertiary needs). This kind of had a superb impact on contemporary society back then.

Because of the great low income, people was required to change all their lives. So many persons did, resulting in a different kind of society, with different kinds of relationships. However , not merely then, but also today technology offers its influence on society. At the moment many countries in the world deal with a hard economic time. With large gaps in the customers confidence in the usa and The european union the short-term prospect will not look extremely colorful.

This kind of, evidently, changes the way world works. In particular when one thinks that we currently live in a consumer society, so when consumers lack faith, and so does contemporary society. But just how did we come face to face with live in a consumers society? Let’s seem back quite some time. After Ww ii, there began to evolve a large need for equipment that make lifestyle easier.

Vehicles, airplanes, household-machines (such while vacuum cleaners, ovens, microwaves), television sets, you name it and it was developed. It began to become a media hype, to have always better materials possesions compared to the people in society who are around you. Having the maniest, newest materials possesions mentioned that you were wealthy. And wealthyness made people admiration you. As well as today, whenever we look at cars, cellular phones and computers all of us still want the best to make an idea on the persons around us.

If this advancement in technology hadn’t been right here society would simply have looked completely different. We might not have attempted to squeeze away every cent of our incomes to pay for a holiday trip that is certainly better and longer than last years. We would certainly not massively have got ran to the banks for even greater loanes, for which we ‘only’ have to pay 11% interest, to be able to buy that all-important residence on Martha’s Vineyard. Whenever we would not had been so starving for wealth there wouldn’t be so many poor people existing as today. In the US only, over 18 per cent in the population lives life below the poverty collection.

And for what reason? Because they didn’t realize that when they lost their careers they wouldn’t be able to pay money for their big debts that were there from their loanes. By the way, wouldn’t it be a coinsidence that the US contributes one of the most to the technology sector, and also has the greatest consumers culture in the world? Definitely, we know these facts, but still we all remain in similar pattern, in search of life joy in material possesions.

This pattern is caused by the technology sector, making persons want a lot more than they can include. It has formed our contemporary society into a consumers society.

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