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William Hathaway is a overcome war experienced who has drafted many novels regarding battle and men (Rommel). He usually takes adult and personal subjects and topics. However , one of his poems eligible “Oh, Oh catches none of them of these ideas. This is what makes the poem several. Instead of the common subjects, Hathaway tackles a very childlike mirth in this composition. Although the use of words is quite complex and thought-provoking, the poem speaks of the fresh love blossoming in the midst of a created world.

This passionate poem with its wealthy imagery is an elegant sort of two characters of speech, namely, irony and onomatopoeia. The symbolism constructed by simply Hathaway in the poem is definitely evident in numerous of the points he is using. In the poem, through the use of diction and tone, the poet expresses the loving emotion that this individual feels toward his young lady. He attempts to take hold of the precious minute where he and his girl happen to be alone in a field of grass.

Furthermore, photos of their dreams are also illustrated vividly. It was done by the use of the train and the railroad.

Because the coach nears all of them, the desire him being president fills the moment. The bond between the man and the lady is also established by the women’s agreement for the dream, even adding, “and me 1st lady (Hathaway 574). The relationship thus showed by the match seems to expand more since the moving train moves farther. One more very good method of improving the images of the poem is actually noticeable on the poem’s title. Inspecting the title, it offers an impression of any calm yet emotional air flow during the second.

Although the completing train is definitely somewhat fast and the instant is unsuccsefflull, the poet person effectively slows the ticking of the time clock due to the method he uses words that linger in to the reader’s head. For this reason, mcdougal paints a good image of the scene. Among the tools that made the poem’s images successfully portrayed is the author’s use of several figures of speech. One of these is the onomatopoeia which is very obvious in many of the lines. In the first place, onomatopoeia is a figure of talk where imitation of normal sounds simply by words is utilized (Microsoft Encarta).

As can be seen from the name, the poem is relatively full of onomatopoeic words. One particular instance is definitely the line, “moocows chomping daisies (Hathaway 574). The pets or animals were referred to by the use of the sounds earning, thus, setting up a more vibrant image as if the reader hears the organic sounds at that moment himself. An additional such case in point is displayed by “the choo-choos light where the poet person tries to allow the reader listen to the coming of the train get back sound characteristic of the educate (Hathaway 574). As can be viewed, although the poet person did not actually used the word train, it absolutely was already comprehended as such.

The actual it several is that it offers a childlike touch for the poem. This effort is an excellent way of suggesting that the addicts are in their youthful years. The overall effect of the strategic use of onomatopoeic verses therefore gives the vibrant spring to the poem. Aside from the use of onomatopoeia, the author as well uses the figure of speech known as irony. With this type, also referred to as paradox, the author tries to state contradicting tips to drive an area or portray different pictures (Microsoft Encarta). Interestingly, mcdougal does not basically use irony literally.

Instead, the kind of irony used in the poem is situational irony, that means, you will discover two pictures that are depicted which complementarily contrast the other person. This can be obviously explained by taking a look at the two instances that are represented in the composition. The initially the two images is that of character. As can be seen from the opening verses from the poem, mcdougal narrates the of characteristics in grassland. He actually tried to consist of grazing family pets in his lien. Thus, the is delivered as a environment where the living creatures such as “the moocows chomping daises and the “grass stems are thriving (Hathaway 574).

However, the various other image is that of the made world. This man-made picture includes regarding the train road, the train and those “Hells Angels mentioned in the composition (Hathaway 574). All these things are created inside the mechanical regarding man, therefore setting an unnatural environment. This mechanical image is a opposite image of the natural surrounding identify earlier. Therefore , such mechanical image and natural around is a utilization of irony. The actual it more interesting is that the small couple seems to bridge these two images.

The “arm waves to us from the dark window is actually a connection among these two different images (Hathaway 574). The usage of figures of speech inside the poem makes its richer literary content. It gives an idea that the publisher played with ideal words to create a youthful touch to the whole piece. The thing that sets the poem apart is the stillness in the midst of a fast-passing moment. The imagery was obviously a masterpiece largely contributed by the use of two statistics of talk, specifically, onomatopoeia and irony. Using these types of classic equipment of beautifully constructed wording, the author produces a poem packed with emotion and keenness.


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