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In their four-stage model, Hayes and Wheelwright (1984) categorize different types of businesses based on their attitude toward their procedures. The several stage style is underpinned by their opinion that an organization’s operations provides a method to obtain competitive advantage. It can simply do this in the event the operations function is been able strategically.

A stage you organization finds it impossible to manage its functions strategically, as the operations functionality objectives are continually changing between low cost, increased versatility, improved quality, etc . Since operations managers never have you a chance to focus on a frequent set of goals, a stage 1 organization is characterized by a reactive approach to businesses management.

In such an corporation, operations cannot provide a way to obtain competitive benefits. A stage 2 firm manages the operations by seeking to emulate those of it is competitors. It’s likely to copy the prevailing best practices of it is industry, such as JIT (just-in-time), TQM (total quality management), BPO (business process outsourcing) etc . However , as they constantly adopt these techniques in the wake of industry frontrunners, they are under no circumstances likely to allow us the same standard of expertise in their application.

The very best that this approach can perform is to match the operations performance of its rivals. Although the mix of operations methods adopted with a stage two organization may be considered by some while amounting for an operations technique in that they are really consistent, they’re not going to be overloaded linked to business strategy. Certainly, it may be that such an functions strategy is usually inappropriate to get the company business strategy. In any event, a stage 2 organization’s businesses cannot give the basis intended for competitive benefits.

A stage 3 organization has an operations strategy that is linked to and derived from it is business strategy. This means that it is operations functionality objectives are aligned with, and supportive of, the business objectives, offering the possibility that operations can offer the way of achieving a competitive edge. The chances of obtaining competitive edge will be substantially increased in the event the organization provides adopted market best practice in its functions.

A stage 4 corporation is radically different to a single at any of the other stages. By using its businesses excellence while the basis because of its business strategy ” anperations-based technique. The functions of a level 4 business are at the forefront of developments in best practice in that that they set market standards in ways that delight customers. Therefore, the organization’s operations enable it to retain its existing customers and attract new ones. Intended for an operations-based competitive benefits to be eco friendly, the organization need to continually develop its functions, as any source of advantage is liable to be copied by rivals.

To remain for stage 5, an organization must learn how to make the most of its existing resources and competences to master how to develop fresh capabilities. The latest advances inside the understanding of company performance possess emphasized the value of route dependency (i. e. how organizations have to their present position), the dynamic characteristics of the capabilities on which organizational success eventually depends as well as the role of organizational learning.


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