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The advent of advanced interaction technology websites such as cell phones and online communities has made global communication quickly and effective. Seamless movement and exchange of information have been quite important in the growth of business, client insight about various goods available in the market and so forth Generally the improvements in connection technology have had a serious effect on every sector of the economy including health care, manufacturing, sales, government and so forth Close to 74% of the people who access and use the internet and 80% from the people who use social media sites in fact use the systems to research regarding medical details, news, private hospitals, and doctors (HCP, 2018). The social media is a highly effective communication tool on basic healthcare. It really is impactful in the creation of professional systems and in the sharing of experiences. This kind of said even though giving and sharing abnormal information through social media systems may cause damaging consequences upon employees and healthcare businesses where information specific to a patient is definitely shared (HCP, 2018).

This kind of research daily news analyzes a scenario depending on a likely stopping and assess the HIPAA, Legal, and Regulatory construction on the usage of social media and cellphones. The purpose of this examination is to understand whether there were any violations and if so what consequences the nurses in question would suffer due to violations. Through the research of this situation it will be learned that both nursing staff violated affected person privacy through his pictures and personal specifics and using the social media and the cellphone to share the information.

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HIPAA, Legal, and Regulatory Discussion

Professional blogs and social networks have 800 million active users at any given time. It comes as hardly surprising that a few points rns would be enticed to violate the HIPAA regulations therefore causing key concerns inside the medical practice (HCP, 2018). With better employee education concerning the harmful consequences of mistakes that can occur with medical weblogs and social networking, it would be conceivable to alleviate widespread HIPAA infractions. Research studies by Denecke et ‘s. (2015) point to the fact that a majority of issues relating to application of social networking involve level of privacy and confidence which should be preserved properly. The relationship between your physician and the patient can easily suffer implications from information gained upon either end since private consumer and healthcare provider information could be accessed through internet platforms. Physicians need to safeguard and separate between their specialist and private selves (Denecke et al., 2015). Patient invisiblity while citing any net content during any study must be maintained.

The exploitation of sociable medical multimedia in the application of healthcare should be carefully shown upon (Denecke et al., 2015). The responsibilities and roles performed by the social websites platform has to be unambiguous. The preservation of confidentiality and privacy, in respect to Denecke

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the severity of people violations (Techadvisory. org, 2018). This goes to display that the nurses in the scenario were either unschooled upon HIPAA polices or perhaps thought that all their infractions would go undisputed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of social inside and cell phones in health care


1 ) Building of strong professional networks and connections HCP. (2018)

installment payments on your Getting patients involved in their very own personal wellbeing and well being (HIPAA Log, 2018)


1 . HIPAA violations (HIPAA Journal, 2018)

2 . Medical errors as a result of divided focus as evidenced in the circumstance (George, Rovniak Kraschnewski, 2013)

The appropriate and ethical usage of technology as described by simply HIPAA Record (2018) must entail self-disciplined restraint in the inclusion of PHI in any net platform devoid of written approval from the individual (Hosek ain al., 2013). Patient protection and privateness is at the heart of healthcare rules (Scripps, 2018). The patient is often protected from unauthorized showing of their personal information.

Conclusion and Reflections

The social media and cellphones can be embraced effectively to help boost healthcare. There are lots of benefits of new communication technology including improved delivery of healthcare providers and quick diagnosis of health-related issues. This said though the same cultural platforms which might be easy and quick in sharing data can occasion violation of patient personal privacy if PHI is leaked as proved in the situation. It is important, nonnegotiable and important that health care professionals obtain profound training on HIPAA rules with regards to use of social networking and cellphones in healthcare. Employees should be clearly taught on the acceptable

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