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Healthcare Managing

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That there is a high level of preparation, nevertheless that this level is certainly not considered enough, is something that calls awareness of how severe the problem of bioterrorism is. It can be nearly impossible to deal with a situation like that since most aspects of the country cannot marshal the time necessary to treat the amounts of potential victims.

The question also calls awareness of another concern, which is the role that government agencies enjoy in healthcare. There are a lot of agencies involved, and the level of coordination that is required is definitely intense. Authorities is in a unique position to create all the different stakeholders together to cope with the problem, although at the same time government is challenging by each of the agencies, overlapping jurisdictions and lack of established communication stations. So this issue was interesting and the exploration I conducted was useful.

The second question wasn’t of the same quality. The idea was somewhat obscure, and sure enough the research about hospitals for the future went in many different directions with respect to the concepts that were discovered. This to me was a thing that made it difficult to gain quality with respect to what ideas were the most important. Suitably, one significant vision of the future would make a fantastic starting point, and from there the questions could be asked about just how such a vision would affect local community hospitals. With the many different dreams, it was harder to draw the connection with community clinics.

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