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With that in mind, more changes will be coming to the planet in the near future. Even within the next 10 years, those improvements are going to are more obvious and the health of people who are consuming these chemical compounds and customized foods will likely begin to decrease. When that gets along with the obesity epidemic, you will have a generation that will not live as long as their parents performed (Simmons, 2009). This will end up being the first time which includes happened, and clearly is certainly not the way the U. S. population wants to select longevity quantities and medical issues. It is possible to create changes to steer clear of these kinds of challenges, but up to now nothing is made to make all those changes and soon will probably be past the the perfect time to do anything differently.

Technology is extremely important in health care, and definitely will continue to play a role in the proper care of patients well into the future (Tulenko et approach., 2009). A large large number of various ways in which technology can play a role, so each and every aspect of medical care could be damaged. The majority of technical advances in health care are involved with diagnosing diseases and also other health problems. As they diagnostic devices advance and continue to develop, more money will probably be spent on these people and more people will be identified as having disease easier and at previous stages (Tulenko et approach., 2009). That is very significant, because it can save lives and also prolong the standard of life for those with all types of disorders and circumstances. However , technology can also cause health scares in the sense of false benefits due to oversensitive equipment and can result in unneeded testing and worry to get patients. The excess expense with this additional screening can also be a critical factor for patients.

Although technology has improved various lives, you will discover ways in which the technology is usually causing difficulty, and most of the people ways will be financial. People and insurance providers are paying for tests which are not necessary. Doctors are battling to have the most current equipment and maintain up with other doctors and medical features – plus they often have to charge individuals more money to purchase the new products. It becomes a vicious cycle and there is for sure to it in sight right now. With that in mind, technology is equally a benefit and a muddiness to the real issues that are being confronted by individuals and doctors in the medical field today. While it may well diagnose problems earlier and save lives in some cases, this may also cause more issues than it is worth in other cases. Only time will tell how much technology will change and how much it can benefit the health care program in the U. S. In the future. With the added expenses of baby boomers and those who have no insurance, the U. S. medical system is presently struggling and it does not look as though that could change.


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