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Healthcare Information Technology

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The good qualities and Downsides Health Information Technology: Is it Well worth Implementing?


Various studies have been performed in an attempt to emphasize the significance of taking on health information technology in health care. While there will be those who are with the opinion that health information technology is beneficial towards the healthcare program as a whole, other folks are convinced that the hazards and complications posed by information about health technology are too significant, and hence the implementation of the same in healthcare configurations ought to be halted. This textual content highlights the arguments which were presented with time for and against the setup as well as re-homing of information about health technology. After evaluating and assessing these arguments, I will embrace the medial side of this controversy that seems to have the finest sway.


From the starting point, it is important to notice that health information technology don’t have an given definition. This is certainly to say that quite a number of meanings have been provided by various experts in an attempt to determine health information technology. In the terms of Ciampa and Revels (2012), healthcare information technology may be the use of hardware and software in an effort to take care of and adjust health info and info (4). This is actually the definition of health information technology that will be adopted in this text.

When it comes to the benefits of information about health technology that have been promoted as time passes, three topics emerge. These are; quality, safety, and performance. To begin with, with regards to quality, it is vital to note that technology have been credited while using further enlargement of top quality in various industrial sectors. Has the healthcare industry been able to follow go well with? As Paul (2013) points out, health information technology effectively brings about the additional enhancement of decision making in healthcare configurations via the support of knowledge expansion. Towards this kind of end, for example, healthcare corporations can purchase computer aided knowledge obtain tools and systems where providers are offered with gadgets equipped with resources for quick referring to either in practical adjustments or throughout other day-to-day activities. This, in turn, leads to better results.

When it comes to safety, good example of health information technology in this case would be computerized medical doctor order access (CPOE), whereby the various guidance emanating in the physician just like medication instructions are joined not in writing, but electronically. Poor handwriting has in past times been blamed for a number of mistakes (Balgrosky, 2014). With information about health systems the probability of the occurrence of such mistakes are limited as the relevant information can be transmitted digitally, with possibilities for the enhancement of accuracy staying built-in. Electronic health records (EHRs) also come in handy inside the further improvement of affected person safety. Thanks to EHRs, health-related providers can be able to recognize key elements such as drug allergies the patient has, past surgical events, mental health position, etc . (Joseph, 2013). This is more so the case given that inside the healthcare field, negative drug interactions along with drug allergy symptoms remain probably the most serious concerns. When services are able to access the history of patients, especially via web-based EHRs, they are really empowered to make decisions that are better informed upon careful assessment of likely drug contraindications.

On the performance front, health information technology features in some quarters been acknowledged with betterment of healthcare systems and processes. Paul (2013) is of the opinion that, as an example, communication equipment would allow providers… to effectively track medical interventions and progress. This eliminates unnecessary delays connected with

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