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Health Issues

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Research from Article Critique:

However , in order to prevent sick health, in countries such as India, actions has been taken to ensure that functioning conditions are not negatively influencing the employees, whether or not they are in factories or perhaps offices.

Another important aspect presented by the experts is that or ergonomics, or “discipline regarding arrangement of environment to slip the people in it. inches (Munirathinam and Ramesh, 2011, p 30) which is split up into three key areas: physical, cognitive and organizational ergonomics. The Ergonomic programs which have been designed in quite a few companies and in particular for workplace related job functions take into account the proper and healthy tendencies of the staff and its regards with the environment and the working tools, whether they are a physical work related instrument or an mental work related – pc.

The significance of the content are somewhat significant for the area of study. The article provides a comprehensive view on the void of health at work and the need to address this kind of matter within a constant fashion. At the same time, the discussion on the function of ergonomics in the operating place and how this pertains a preventative attitude to ill well being is yet another relevant point of the article. Nevertheless , the way provided by the content is relatively restricted to the perspective of the employee, and fails to provide any feedback from the organisations and their views on the relation between the overall health of the staff and the embrace the productivity. This would be an essential point to make in particular since the employers are the ones that are offering the setup platforms intended for the heath programs as well as the ergonomics programs and therefore a view from the employers’ side might have ensured a broader perspective on the theme.

The outcomes of the exploration are rather comprehensive and ensure a rather complex view on well being at the work place and its influence of staff satisfaction. Yet , more study needs to be carried out at the degree of the employees and possibly surveys and opinions through the employees facing health issues about work related matters must be quantified. Quite simply, further scientific study ought to be conducted to ensure the subject, because complex since it is, benefits from the input of the most important stakeholders: the employees. As well, as a result of study, proposals to further improve the current health programs and ergonomics pursuits should arise because, whether or not such courses are staying implemented, the amount of cases of ill well being as a result of working conditions can be not reducing. Therefore , improvements of this kind of plans, because of research, ought to be made.


Munirathinam, N. T. And G. Ramesh. (2011). Achieving Organizational Success through Overall health Management and Ergonomics

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