heat fatalities and illnesses post katrina reforms

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Hurricane Katrina

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While the city does have an excellent levee program, it failed during Katrina and many elements of the city – including much of the Lower 9th Ward – was bombarded. People shed their lives and everything they had, as well as the argument created by many individuals inside the aftermath of Katrina is that not enough was done by the federal government in order to shield the people of recent Orleans and also to help them out after the tornado had passed. Criminal activity was rising when the city was seeking to recover from Katrina. Looting and pillaging had been common, and so they were not the only issues post-Katrina survivors was required to face (Springgate, et ing., 2009). There have been rooftop rescues and other severe concerns, along with many into the safety issues. Naturally , not everything that was explained about New Orleans after Katrina was true. Lots of the reports of criminal activity were fake, and some of which were exaggerated (Springgate, et al., 2009).

The same results that happened after Katrina might happen again today, but these results will not be because likely due to public outcry that came about post-Katrina. You will discover better levee systems in New Orleans now, in addition to better storm plans in position (GAO, 2006; Springgate, ainsi que al., 2009). While more could be completed protect and warn people when a storm took place, nothing could be carried out about the fact that media portrayed the issue. Quite simply, there could nevertheless be reports of looting and other significant concerns, and those information may or may not effectively portray what really happened (GAO, 2006). While there is not a control over individuals kinds of concerns, social media will allow people to be accurate about the types of things which were really going on before, during, and after the storm. Info could also be given to people more readily, and that could help save lives and home. While it will not likely “undo” Katrina, it could be vital for upcoming storms that hit the coast.


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