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Hero can be described as simple-sounding two-syllable word, which usually many people freely use for name and describe others. But , how many people really know what a hero is definitely? One of the most find out codes for defining a leading man would be Ernest Hemingway’s code, which can be noticed in his works of fiction. “The code hero is known as a man whom lives correctly, following the ideals of honor, courage and endurance in a world that is certainly sometimes disorderly, often stressful, and always agonizing.  (CodeHeroDefinition). Ernest Hemingway uses Santiago, the main personality in The Old fart and the Ocean to symbolize his code main character.

Inside the Old Man as well as the Sea, Santiago lives his life with honor, not only for others but also for himself as well. Even though he’s unable to give himself like a fisherman, because he has gone without getting a fish in more than two months, he keeps his head substantial throughout what he really does. Santiago is extremely humble along with his fishing job when chatting with other folks, for example Manolin.

“‘And the best fisherman is you. ‘ ‘No. I am aware others better. ‘ (Hemingway 23). The truth is, he was a great fisherman, which is one reasons why he found the giant marlin. Like any wonderful hunter, Santiago honors and praises the great fish by simply saying to it, “I love you and respect you incredibly much (Hemingway 54). He is able to show pride throughout his hunt, realizing that he must be thankful for what he can given.

Santiago has a lot of endurance. Inspite of knowing that this individual hasn’t found any seafood in 84 days, this individual continues to step out in his vessel every morning hours, never with a negative frame of mind. His consistent actions present his ability to go on every day even when chances were against him. Following catching the marlin and being away so far for almost two days, Santiago is extremely tired, but this individual won’t stop to the fish, or go to sleep. “He felt very fatigued now and he knew the night could come soon (Hemingway 67). Even though this individual could have slept, he mainly stayed alert with the fish, and retained all of his courage so that he would be capable of geting home while using great marlin. His valor showed when he had to be in the sea alone for 3 days with little protection, and his little food supply.

He could have converted back to banks safely whenever you want, but he didn’t. Santiago faced likely death for anymoment, nevertheless his bravery allowed him to continue on his journey. If the sharks attack the body, he really does everything in his power to deal with them off when it’s certainly a struggle lost right away, but he gives it his all. Following loosing his harpoon the moment fighting with the sharks, this individual still continues to carry on and produce a new system (out in the few materials on his fishing boat, for example a great oar wonderful knife) and uses all of the energy he has left in him to guard the fish.

Through the novels Hemingway has written, like The Old Man and the Sea, his famous code hero is visible with detailing evidence. Santiago is the image of Hemingway’s code, this means you will be tested by the techniques he lives his life, from his honor, to his stamina and bravery. “Life is stuffed with misfortunes, and a code hero is know by simply how he endures those misfortunes (CodeHeroDefinition), and Santiago is able to do just that in his life. He can convert a situation around so that it works for his benefit, but nevertheless while this he looses some, whether it be his physical strength, or his doing some fishing reputation together with the other fishermen. Santiago is a best example of what a Hemingway code hero really and truly is.

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