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Hemingway Short Testimonies

The most stunning feature with this short story is the way in which it is told. It

can be not a tale in the traditional sense with an introduction, a development of the

story and an end, yet we proper some time inside the life of two people, like it

had been just a bit of a film exactly where we have a great deal to deduce, This story doesnt

give almost everything done intended for the reader, we all only view the surface of what is going

on. This leaves an open end, visitors can get their own stopping and therefore have

part inside the story when reading. *P* The story told here is that of a woman and a

person in their trip to a place wherever she can have an illigal baby killing. Everything in the

tale relates to the idea of virility and barrenness. This main topic may be

seen in the title Hills Like White Elephants, in which Hills make reference to the shape

with the belly of the pregnant girl, and White colored Elephants is an redewendung that identifies

useless or perhaps unwanted points. In this case the unwanted factor is the graine they

are going to get rid of. *P*In the beginning we find a narrator that explains

with a simple language the region where it will take place. We can see that

the storyline happens vacation, in the Area of the Ebro, and we also see that the

train the characters will take is an express train that comes from

Barcelona and goes to This town, but we dont know exactly where they can be or the

period or day in which it will take place, we all dont even know if perhaps they actually take the

educate. The coach here represents change, movement but in a way they are

scared of it because movement is usually not always ahead but it may also be backwards in

this case inside their relationship. It is the? train of life?. *P*Another thing

we should take into account is the fact that that the teach is blocking only for two

minutes, an extremely short time. This limited period symbolizes the time she has to

have the child killingilligal baby killing, she cannot think it over for a long time initially because the

later she has the abortion a lot more risky for her health it gets and second

because abortion will not be legal in Spain till very recently and in a

dictatorship time it absolutely was a very penalized practice, completely to be performed before

apparent. *P*In an initial reading and after checking Hemingways biography we

could feel that the story was set in the Spanish city war, but we must discard

this possibility because it was written in 1927, some years ahead of the Spanish

civil war and in the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. *P*The first impression we

obtain when we start off reading the text is that our company is in the middle of a dry, unwelcoming

place beneath the sun, without having shade or trees, it reinforces the idea of lack of

existence but in contrast, they are inside the warm shadow of the building where life is.

This focuses on the compare between the motherhood of the female, as being

suitable for farming and anything around them, including him from this idea of fertility as

he is also in addition to the barrenness and sharing the shadow. Fortunately they are

separated from the rest of the people that are inside bar by a bamboo sheets bead

drape, it gives the idea of privacy sturdy by the idea of the nice shadow

with the building that protects them from the world that is present inside the bar

they are outside, with character. *P*In the first paragraph we have a short and

concise introduction to the characters, the narrator refers to them while the

american and the lady, the narrator doesnt provide name to them, they are often

symbols of lots of lovers in the same situation as they are, but we are able to deduce

the in grow older as she is considered as? the woman? and he is? the

american?. Later on all of us will know that her brand is Lure, but we all arent going to

know call him by his name. The name of the woman which incidentally, is not just a normal brand, is

very symbolic, as it is the identity of a dynamic dance or perhaps it can also refer to

? a particular kind of behaviour or perhaps activity which will varies based on the

situation that someone is in? (Collins Cobuild dictionary). What this identity

implies is that she can alter her brain about the abortion so that as we will see

later on in the chat, he is scared of her changing her brain about this

he is all the time planning to reassure her in the decision. *P*After the first

initial paragraph we discover a discussion between them. This kind of dialogue can be

presented as being very organic, but it was carefully written for sure because

through it we are going to deduce the kind of relationship they have. The

language listed here is a very simple one, even colloquial, this colloquial language

generally expresses emotions. The real concept of the the discussion is not really clearly

stated but it is usually underlying, they are really talking about take pleasure in, feelings and her

being pregnant. There is anxiety in the air at some moments but they cannot express

it openly, maybe they will dont desire to be heard in the event that somebody can understand

all of them or maybe it is just a problem of communication along with sharing thoughts, or

probably both. In addition there are references to sexuality by means of phallic

symbols, the first one relates to the title, the trunk with the elephant, then

we find another one in? Anís del Tauro?, the bull as a mark of

virility. Also references to life in the form of the estuaries and rivers and the woods.

*P*Its her who starts off the dialogue, this below implies that the choice for the

abortion in the end will be genuinely hers, she is the one who starts the

conversation and she is the main one who is taking decision, she actually is very straight

forward. She also takes her hat away and puts it on the table, the girl with getting eliminate

of what covers her, she desires to speak out about the situation evidently and put

the energy, as she does with the hat, on the table to be talked about openly.

In the turn to answer instead of responding to to the issue he alterations the

subject matter and answers? its very hot? this implies that he wants to alter

the subject and talk about less difficult things such as the elements. Men have concerns

to show their feelings. The girl answers using a decision and says? Allows drink ale

? She is one who takes decisions, the lady decides points to drink. *P*In this

story we can as well see a thing typical of Hemingway, this provides the use of spanish

words and sentences. He orders? 2 cervezas? for the bar female. We presume

that she cannot speak English and that he can speak Spanish but , later on he

orders and she answers in English. We have to feel that the discussion must

took place in Spanish but that in order not to translate the entire

conversation into English the particular first exchange of phrases was retained in Spanish

because the tale is so thoroughly written and developed that such a blunder

would be unconceivable. When the tavern lady offers them the drinks the girl is

taking a look at the line of hills inside the distance, as if considering the possibility

of having the child but when the girl asks him about having ever noticed an elephant he

answers that this individual has never noticed one alluding to not previously being father ahead of. At

this kind of stage she’s having doubts about the abortion. *P*The characters actually are

mysterious to us, we know nothing of their lives nonetheless they seem to possess

nothing to do in life besides sex and drinking. They spend the period drinking

alcohol is considered since aphrodisiac. That they order? anís? because the lady

wants to try new things, probably she is with the possibility of having a

new relationship or possibly a new knowledge in life, but when she likes it states?

it preferences like liquorice? which is a common and not unique taste, and she

provides that? Almost everything tastes of licorice. Specifically all the things youve

waited too long for? suggesting that when you wait for a thing for a very long

time, for instance a relationship, when you have it, it loses exotism and appeal.

Later on there is a reference to the routine they seem to be in when she says

that all they certainly is looking at things aiming new drinks. *P*As the

conversation moves on, the man honestly refers to the operation as if taking

importance off that, he says not necessarily important yet very easy, just like opening a

window? It is just to allow air in?, he wishes her to have the abortion but

she is sure about the simple fact that their particular relationship will probably change after

that. This individual wants to convince her which the decision has become hers by using

saying point like? in case you dont wish to you possess to Although I know

it is perfectly basic? but it is definitely him the only person who has simply no doubts regarding it.

She is getting the normal doubts a woman can easily have in a situation like that. This individual

feels the fact that pregnancy is known as a nuisance inside their lives. The child would mean the

necessity of negotiating down and starting a family group and this will be a change in

all their lives because they move a whole lot around, that is why their luggage are full of

? labeling from every one of the hotels that were there spent evenings?. There is one more

allusion once almost at the conclusion of the history he says? we are able to have the community?

and your woman replies? No, we cant. It might not be ours ever again And once they may have

taken that away, you never have it back? here we can see that she wishes the baby

and she knows that once this wounderful woman has the procedure she wont be able to get the kid

back. Including the very result in the last sentence he requests her if perhaps she feels better

but what he could be really requesting is if she gets taken a choice and this individual wants to find out

what she has decided and after that she replies:? I feel fine Theres nothing at all

wrong with me at night. I feel fine?, if there is a problem it is together with the baby

this is the problem this wounderful woman has to solve.

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