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Christopher Columbus

Oral Background, Guatemala, Tanque, Spanish

Excerpt from Thesis:

Immediately after, an Aztec general killers several Spaniards from Cortez’s band and prove that Cortez and his companion pets are frauds. Cortez usually takes Montezuma prisoner and forces him in surrendering the entire empire. The Aztec people choose to disobey their master and than kill Montezuma after this individual attempts to calm the spirits from the rebellion.

Hearing the news of Cortez’s success in Mexico, Velasquez directs an army to arrest the deserter, yet most of the males sent to record Cortez join him after a clash between Cortez’s pushes and Velasquez’s men.

Pursuing several days of skirmish, Cortez enters the capital of the Aztecs once again, together with the cost of a large number of lives of native people. After 2 yrs of disorders from the Spaniards and their allies, on the 13th of September, 1521, the Aztec ruler of Guatemoc surrenders his country ahead of Hernan Cortez.

For the next seven years, Cortez continued to be in Mexico and conducted mining procedures and created farmlands. At the same time of awe-inspiring his electrical power over his new subjects, Cortez demolished several Aztec temples and buildings and humiliated the people that remained from one from the greatest kingdoms of the world. After his advertising campaign in South america, Cortez comes back home in 1528 in order to meet some claims, but is welcomed as a hero by his region. He earnings to America to continue discovering inland for his own expense and he returns to The country once more, just to be welcomed as a stranger by the Courtroom. Hernan Cortez dies in Seville in 1547 and before supplying his last breath asks for his body to be hidden in South america.

There is much controversy regarding the actions of Cortez, and there is people claiming that the Spanish conquistador acquired indeed been moral when regarding his acts. Cortez assassinated thousands of innocent people who he assumed had been savages with the objective that they had been acting resistant to the principles of man.

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