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“Hills like White colored Elephants” and “Girl” Themes and Symbolism The styles and significance for the stories “Hills like Light Elephants” by Ernest Tolstoy and “Girl” by Discovery bay, jamaica Kincaid work together with the composition of stated stories to create an understanding of the girl’s sexuality and how other folks attempt controlling it by giving symbols that uncover the truth that lies behind the words. In, “Hills like White Elephants”, the American man regularly and angrily persuades his girlfriend to achieve the operation based on a first step toward false guarantees.

Icons that undercover that communication are “Jig”, drinking, light elephants, and communication problems. In, “Girl”, the young one’s mother attempts to control her sexuality through advice and scolding. The symbols in that story include food, fabric, and Benna. The topics in the explained stories are similar in they will attempt to control the girls’ sexuality, but they are several, in their method to doing so. In, “Hills like White Elephants”, the American man constantly and angrily persuades his girlfriend to get the operation based upon a first step toward false pledges.

The theme being speaking verses communicating and the electric power it has to develop or tear down. Although “Hills like White colored Elephants” is mainly a chat between the American man wonderful girlfriend, not of the speakers truly convey with the various other, stressing the fissure between two. Both equally talk, but neither listens or fathoms the other peoples point of view. Angered and placating, the American man will tell you about anything at all in convincing his girlfriend to have the operation, which, even though never stated by name, is understood to be an abortion. For example , he says, “I love you at this point. You know I enjoy you.

” (Hemingway 214) The girl, in the meantime, wavers vacillatingly, at one point saying yes she’ll have abortion only to make the person stop chatting. When the man persists, the lady pleads him, “Would you please, you should, please, you should, please, please, please” (Hemingway 215) prevent talking, recognizing the uselessness of their banter. In “Girl”, the little girl’s mother attempts to control her sexuality through advice and scolding; the theme getting the danger of female libido. Even though the little girl seems to not need reached growing up yet, the mother concerns that her existing tendencies, if continued, will cause a life of promiscuity.

The mother deems which a woman’s standing up or decorum governs the quality of her existence in the community. Sexuality, therefore , must be wisely protected and even concealed to maintain an effective front. Therefore, the mom bonds many vague items and duties to the undesirable topic of sexuality, including, “always contract bread to ensure it’s fresh” (Kincaid). Much of her tips focusses approach sustain respectability. She scolds her daughter for the way she taking walks, how the girl relates to other folks, and the approach she performs marbles, “don’t squat down to play marbles” (Kincaid 381).

The mother’s continuous pressure on this idea displays simply how much she wants her girl to realize that she is “not a boy” (Kincaid 381) and that she needs to work in such ways that is going to earn her respect from the community. Many symbols are normally found in the explained stories that undercover the messages seen in the styles. In “Hills like White colored Elephants”, the symbols incorporate: the girls term “Jig”, consuming, white elephants, and language barriers. The girl’s play name, “Jig, ” signifies the two heroes simply boogie around one another and the couple of discussion without ever saying anything noteworthy.

The two American gentleman and the young lady drink alcohol throughout their conversation to eschew one another and the difficulties with their relationship. The moment they will begin talking about the hills that look like white elephants, the girl purchases more drinks to postpone the inevitable conversation about the baby. At the conclusion of their conversation, both heroes drink alone; the girl on the table and the man with the bar. This kind of proposes the two will break off their romantic relationship and get their own ways. A white-colored elephant signifies something no person wants. Through this particular story the girl’s unborn kid.

The ladies remark inside the start of the tale, that the close by hills seem like white elephants, primarily seems to be a spontaneous remark, yet , it in fact assists as being a segue for her and the American man to confer all their baby and the option of having an child killingilligal baby killing. The girl later withdraws this comment with the remark the fact that hills don’t really appear like white elephants, a hint that perchance the girl wants to maintain the baby today. The American man yearns for this tip. The ladies failure to speak Spanish while using bartender not merely exemplifies her dependency within the American nevertheless also the struggle this wounderful woman has expressing herself to others.

In, “Girl”, the symbols incorporate food, fabric, and Benna. Frequently, the mother strains food during her lecture to underline her idea that pleasure comes from domesticity. The artwork and serves of making pumpkin fritters, tea, bread pudding, doukona, and pepper container, therefore , carry out grander importance as components that bond women to their families, community, and homeowners. Food can also be the mom’s grandest antique as the lady passes old family quality recipes and practices down to her daughter and future years of women.

Cloth and its connection to appearances and suitable house cleaning resurface through the story to stress the significance of respectability. The mother knows that a person’s apparel exposes much about personality and character as well that raggedness advises poverty and laziness. Ironing, washing, and sewing grant women to not only project their status but their productivity and benefit. Trimness in features also is similar to the community’s discernment of any woman’s sexual ethics and respectability. Last but not least, Antiguan folksongs, or benna, symbolize sexuality, a theme the mother worries her child already knows too much about.

Therefore , vocal singing benna in Sunday institution signifies defiance and also sinful, prohibited knowledge that should not be reviewed amenably in public areas and especially cathedral. The themes in the said stories allow the reader to better understand the oppression of libido females go through in society from moms to men that are related to communication problems and forms. While the significance in “Hills like Light Elephants” takes new suggestions as to why the American man and his girl act the way they do and say the items they do. The symbolism in “Girl” uncovers further anticipations the mother has on her daughter.


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