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November 19, 1997 By simply Jordan Bruins Buddhism/Hinduism Comparison Report Hinduism is the oldest known religion and is very rich with literally numerous gods, symbolistic rituals and beliefs.

It is considered to have been proven around truck B. C. but no person person founded Hinduism as it evolved on the long period of time. Buddhism alternatively has a particular founder, Siddhartha Gautama who is otherwise known as the Buddha or perhaps Enlightened Individual who lived via 565 to 483 W.

C. The two religions originated in India. Siddhartha Gautama was obviously a Hindu who have found Hindu theology inadequate and after many years of searching for truth created a religion now called Buddhism. Because of these basic similarities, the two religions have very much in common, but in the same mild they vary immensely.

The concept of a god or gods in Buddhism is nearly void and for that reason in the eye of a lot of not even a religion. Hindus have sufficient gods governing different aspects of Hindu life. The three main gods in Hinduism are Vishnu who is the sustainer, Brahma is a creator and Shiva the destroyer. Jointly referred to as Trimuti.

Many Hindu gods are linked to animals and for that reason Hindus think that being a veggie is vital. Cows are almost holy in Hinduism and are worshipped as the divine mom, making eating beef taboo. Buddhism consists of meditation and prayer. In Buddhism, one particular must understand the four commendable truths and accordingly stick to the Eightfold path which identifies the ways in which one need to live.

Hindu scriptures advocate the pursuit of various goals in ones life including righteous living, riches, prosperity, like and delight. The ultimate objective is to accomplish Nirvana. There are many rudimentary comparison between Hinduism and Yoga. In Buddhism the place of girls is an inferior one which stems from traditional, cultural, and cultural values of Asia.

Although females can accumulate great karma, they will rarely attain Nirvana and therefore must wait until they are born as males. In Hinduism the role of women can be downgraded as well and no work is to be completed according with her own is going to. A woman should always be content and brilliant in the household business and keep the furniture well cleansed. She should always have a totally free hand.

She will need to have only one hubby, even if this individual dies. If a woman commits adultery, the lady must be burned up to fatality and all home a couple may possibly acquire is one of the male. Buddhists preach compassion, charity and nonviolence and even though Hindus claim pacifism and ahimsa which can be the elimination of trouble for people and animals that they still imagine war is definitely justifiable in a few cases. They will see it his or her duty to fight in a just war.

Harming others is usually wrong but once refusing go to war may cause undue enduring to others, then simply violent serves are justifiable. There is no higher good for a warrior than to battle in a righteous war (Bhagavad Gita 2: 31) Many Buddhist values and desired goals are similar in the event not the same as Hindu beliefs and goals. The style that a lot more suffering is common to both as well as the principles of reincarnation, Dharma, Karma and Nirvana, although they have some slight distinctions. In Yoga there is the concept of two extremes, one devoted to pleasure and lust and one dedicated to mortification.

Both are regarded profitless and therefore one should take those middle course which leads to insight. Hindus believe that life has no best significance which is but a little part in a vast unending, and essentially meaningless cycle of existence and fatality, they believe almost everything has a heart or atman. Hindus trust in reincarnation plus the transmigration in the soul and the concept of successive rebirths till one recides in Brahman forever following the quest for the realization of truth. This will lead one to true pleasure or salvation.

Though pleasure less often is all right, a Hindu must do not forget that life is struggling as is educated in Buddhism. Hinduism got no real expansion over the years and essentially remained secure where it originated despite the effect of Yoga, Christianity, and Islam. Hindus appreciated and were fascinated by the anxiety on elaborate worship which often

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