Hispanic and Latino Americans Essay

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The poem “Legal Alien” by Dab Mora with the open composition form, it includes no stanzas. It does have got a few terms that vocally mimic eachother which are “English” (5) and “Spanish” (6) and also with “Mexicans” (14) and then with “Americans” (15).

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The composition also has tempo, it is a low steady beat. It is a easy poem about how exactly life is for the person with the same race/ethnicity as others and at the same time, totally different from others. The poem “Legal Alien” is around a woman of Mexican father and mother, who is born and raised in America.

An American citizen established by law, although at the same time your husband feels like a great illegal alien because of how some people treat her. She is fluent in both, English and in The spanish language. Feels American because she is, but simultaneously she doesn’t. She is viewed by Us citizens (Anglos) since inferior, and looked at by Mexicans just like she doesn’t belong. They make her feel as if she is not one of them, just like she doesn’t fit anywhere. “An American to People in mexico a Mexican to Americans a helpful token moving back and forth involving the fringes of both worlds” (14-18). – What this means is that she feels like your woman could be via both locations and at the same time by neither, although on the border of each.

Cheerful, sad, puzzled, lost but at the same time the girl tries to cover all her feelings and what the girl with thinking “by masking the discomfort” (20) is that this wounderful woman has to grin and keep the fact that she is becoming condemned for achieveing two ethnicities. After reading this poem frequently I can say that I have believed what the speaker mentions in the poem, I’ve been in her shoes. Yes it’s hard to believe when you think about this we are all several and at the same time all of us are the same. For a few people it is difficult to accept persons of different nationality, but the just thing we are able to do is to move on.

I am Mexican American, likewise bilingual, with two distinct cultures, delivered in America with Mexican parents. I think this kind of poem “Legal Alien” is a little about racism which is all over the place and it is often around for a long period. I have believed looks via Mexicans and Americans, and also to be honest that doesn’t think that good. Although I think that the only thing we can carry out is to just let it go and live life at the fullest and accept everyone as they are.

Race, color, religion, or perhaps language should never matter. Eventually, and underneath of it all, we are all the same.

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