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Mourn, grieve, rondeau, and wail are some words related to lamentation. There are deep emotions associated with lamentation. The writer of the Publication of Lamentations had experienced real, real events that caused bereft of wish to his spirit. Believed to author the Book of Lamentations, prophet Jeremiah had not just vividly narrated what happened to Jerusalem nevertheless also thorough the very reasons Jerusalem were required to suffer its fate. (Easton’s Bible Dictionary) The Publication of Lamentations has five poems. The first composition compared Jerusalem before and after the destruction.

The once great country was wrecked and desolated. Weeping and wailing was heard. Pessimism was noticeable. Jeremiah announced that these kinds of destruction happened because the people of His home country of israel had sinned and rebelled against the Almighty God. The Lord, being a merely God, experienced caused late Jerusalem. (Easton’s Bible Dictionary) The second poem showed God’s wrath above the rebellious people of Israel. The Israelites had knowledgeable the power of God’s anger.

He became an enemy and in His anger, Goodness had allowed the people of Israel undergo too much.

This poem likewise tells us the worst current condition of those who remaining in Jerusalem. (Easton’s Bible Dictionary) Having hope and asking the Lord’s forgiveness are represented in the third poem. Jeremiah was pleading to the Master to extend His help yet again to His people. For the fourth poem, Jeremiah had stressed that everything that took place and anything the people acquired experienced had been because of their uncountable and grievous sins. Within the last poem, Jeremiah prayed to God. This individual begged to God to look at His people again. This individual begged to God to restore His relationship with His children.

(Easton’s Holy bible Dictionary) two Chronicles thirty-six. 15-19 lets us know the fall of Jerusalem. Israel and Judah the two sinned greatly to the Head of the family, so in 587 BC, God acquired allowed Nebuchadnezzar to take more than Jerusalem (Lamentations, J. T. Rogerson and J. D. W. Dunn). The brow and the wall of Jerusalem were set on fire. Almost all articles and treasures in the temple and from the king and his officials were transported to Babylon. Many had been put to fatality by the blade. Those who are not killed were exiled to Babylon to become slaves. (The Holy Bible, New International Version, NIV)

The thoughts of the writer of the Publication of Lamentations were so intense. If we were residing in those time and we observed the killings by sword, the great fireplace, the wailing and weeping, we could make clear the concern in Jeremiah’s heart when he wrote the poems. Jeremiah had seen Jerusalem before its show up. The city was busy. Yet after its fall, Jeremiah described it as a place of desolation. The priests who were highly respectable also knowledgeable hardships (Lamentations 1 . 5 and installment payments on your 20b). Since the city was destroyed, there was clearly no food (Lamentations installment payments on your

12 and 2 . 19) and right shelter (Lamentations 2 . 10). Such circumstances led some women to cook their children just to survive (Lamentations 4. 10). The Israelites had been God’s selected people. The almighty had brought them away of Egypt to the assurance land. God made all of them powerful. Actually God was the one fighting for them to be able to conquer the promise terrain. But in revenge of the many indications of wonders Our god had revealed to all of them, the Israelites kept sinning against the Lord. The Holy Bible provides us the account of those unfortunate events in the lives of the Israelites.

The fear of the Head of the family had spread through many nations. The sins with the Israelites were too great that The lord’s presence wasn’t able to withstand. Due to His like to His people he directed messages contacting them to repent, return, and obey Our god (2 Stories 36. 15). But they would not listen.

That they became overconfident that the Master won’t drop them off. The Publication of Lamentations is not just an account of the fall season of Jerusalem. It’s even more on what had brought on the show up. God is at control. This individual allowed the miseries in order to correct His children.


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