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Bangladesh, India

There are two Bengal partitions, 1 occurred in1905 and one more in 1947. In 1905, Bengal was divided into three provinces, plus the official purpose provided by the British Raj was that the Bengal Obama administration was too large to rule properly. In 1911, thankfully for the Bengalis, the British Raj was forced to withdraw the first Bengal partition, while in 1947, India was divided into two countries, India and Pakistan, and Bengal was divided into western and eastern parts. The traditional western part of the Bengal province became the state of West Bengal and remained with India, while the east part of Bengal became East Pakistan.

The main reason intended for the partition of India in 1947 was to put a stop to the constant problems and chaotic outbursts among Hindus and Muslims. It was assumed by British Raj, the American indian Congress commanders and the Muslim League commanders that by simply dividing India into two separate countries and supplying each major religious sect control over its respective nation, the Hindus could live peacefully in India as well as the Muslims can live quietly in Pakistan. Unfortunately because of the partition, thousands of fatalities occurred plus the millions of people became refugees. Canton failed to resolve the spiritual problems and left a grave effect on the Indians and Pakistanis. From this suffering arose a mutual hate, as every religious group blamed the other due to the losses.

From that hatred emerged a relentless rivalry and a mutual urge to avenge past sufferings. The tension made in 1947 seemed to include a durable impact on the Bengalis, and stories about the battling of ancestors who relocated from East Pakistan or West Pakistan are still told among families. Shortly after Pakistan was created, western world and east parts of Pakistan started to increase apart depending on their ethnical and vocabulary differences. Four decades ago, with the help of American indian military, East Pakistan finally declared the independence by Pakistan to become a separate nation-state called Bangladesh. This daily news will find the two Bengal partitions (1905 and 1947) to show why the United kingdom Raj was forced to take away the initially partition, while the second 1 stood organization.

Furthermore, it will assess whether the rupture of 1947 was a result of the Uk imperial revenge for their ego being smashed in 1911 when they were forced to end the 1st Bengal canton or there was clearly actual requirement for the splitting up of the two quarrelsome faith based sects. Finally, the paper will focus on the impact in the 1947 rupture by talking about the current interpersonal, political, and economic conditions in Western Bengal and Bangladesh, and exactly how the lengthy shadow from the partition remains alive in both areas today.

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