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Upon October twenty-seven, 1994, Leslie Smith observed her burgundy Mazda

Protege roll in the watery depths of John D. Long Lake holding

her two sons, Michael jordan, 3, fantastic 14-month-old close friend, Alexander

Henderson and Domains 1995). It is open to question what could have

caused a mother to intentionally killing her two beautiful baby

boys. The motive looked like there was that Susan Smiths rich

boyfriend did not want the children. She also set by her

written by hand confession that she recognized he would hardly ever love her

(Smith 1994). I can only speculate that she designed he would never

love her as long as the lady had kids. However , I really believe that

Leslie must have been deeply disrupted to devote such a horrible

In order to better understand this unthinkable act, I chose

to use the psychoanalytic theory from the emotional

perspective. I think this theory can illustrate Susans habit

better than the cognitive regularity theory since the id, ego

and super-ego seem to notice mental techniques more than the

cognitive consistency theory does. Using the cognitive

persistence theory will make it harder to observe the

mental processes of Susan Jones that I consider are necessary to

understand this criminal offense (Lecture paperwork, psychological perspective

cognitive consistency theory). I will also use the social

learning theory underneath the behavioral perspective because I really believe

positive and negative support can make it more clear regarding

why Leslie Smith murdered her children. I chose to not use the

cultural exchange theory because, in cases like this, Susan Smith is not

negotiating anything while social exchange theory explains. It also

is usually a hedonistic view with the human (Lecture notes

behavioral perspective, sociable exchange theory, 2000). The final

theory that is to be discussed from the sociological point of view is

the role theory. I believe that it is a most obvious idea that

Leslie Smith defyed her status and part of being a mother that our

society accepts. Role theory will be more beneficial than representational

interaction theory because I believe that Leslie Smith a new great

deal of position conflict among being a mom and a girlfriend.

Symbolic discussion theory would not deal with functions, and concentrates

more on symbolic marketing communications (Lecture remarks, sociological

perspective, symbolic discussion theory, 2000).

The psychoanalytic theory helps us to higher understand

personality development of people. According to Freud, we

have a bio-sexual source of personality that consists of two

elements. The first is named the Ardor, and it is each of our life

instinct. It is our will to stay alive for any reason.

The second component is a Thenatos which is our loss of life instinct.

These are motivators for our social habit (Lecture remarks

psychological perspective, psychoanalytic theory, 2000). Susan

Smith explained that she wanted to roll into the river along with her

twins, but she decided against it (Smith). Perhaps her

Eros was much more powerful than her Thenatos, or she would include

followed her death behavioral instinct and murdered herself also. The psychoanalytic theory likewise states that we get three components

that make up the personality. Initially, there is the identification which

contains our drives, wants, and needs that individuals are born with

(Lecture notes, emotional perspective, psychoanalytic theory

2000). The id is sometimes thought of as our unconscious thoughts

that we are unaware of. The 2nd aspect towards the personality is definitely

called the super-ego which usually holds each of our moral morals and norms that

will be developed through parental socialization (Lecture paperwork

psychological perspective, psychoanalytic theory, 2000). Consist of

words, the super-ego is not some thing we are born with, but it really

contains probe and principles that are taught to all of us by our parents.

The third element to the personality is the ego. This is maybe

the most important part of the personality because it attempts to

satisfy the ids desires. This can be a neutral system that could be

regarded as the conscious decisions all of us make on a daily basis

(Lecture remarks, psychological point of view, psychoanalytic theory

2000). For example, Susan Smiths id planned to be with her

wealthy partner. This was her main desire that the lady was

interested in. She knew that he did not want children. Her

super-ego realized that eradicating her kids was very wrong.

Therefore , her ego tried to help out her desire to be with her

sweetheart, and her id overtook her persona because the lady

eliminated her children from the picture. Therefore, Susans super-ego

Social learning theory features operant health and fitness aspects to it

that looks to behavior being determined by rewards and punishments.

That states our behaviors happen to be motivated to avoid punishments

and optimize returns. We in theory do this to find positive

and negative reinforcement (Lecture notes, behavioral perspective

interpersonal learning theory, 2000). Positive reinforcement can be any

enjoyable event that people receive by simply performing some behavior.

On the other hand, negative reinforcement involves receiving

a reward by associated with an aversive stimulus (Lecture notes

behavioral perspective, cultural learning theory, 2000). We all learn

what behaviors elicit rewards and punishments by our own

actions. Susan Cruz learned that taking away her kids from

her life became negative reinforcement. She believed she would

gain positive encouragement which could be the love of her

boyfriend. However , along with encouragement, there usually comes

treatment. Positive abuse consists of applying unwanted

stimuli, and negative punishment can be defined as the removal of

wanted stimuli (Lecture notes, behavioral perspective, social

learning theory, 2000). Leslie Smiths consequence began as soon as

she understood what the girl had performed. Her croyance clearly declares how

the lady was very guilt-ridden and had felt gloomy about eliminating

her children (Smith 1994). This could be a kind of negative

abuse because her children were permanently removed from her

lifestyle forever. Following her admission, she was sentenced to life in

jail. This can plainly be seen because positive abuse because

her freedom was taken away coming from her permanently.

Role theory is a theory that helps us to better understand

our interpersonal behaviors. Many of us have functions and statuses in our

everyday lives that apply to how we live on a daily basis.

Yet , some people will not follow socially accepted tasks and

norms. Among the list of roles that we have in life, generally there can also be

position conflict. Function conflict can be when various roles are certainly not

compatible with the other person because of the diverse statuses that

a person occupies (Lecture notes, sociological perspective, function

theory, 2000). Susan Smith obviously acquired great turmoil among her

status like a mother, and her position as a sweetheart. She became

caught up to make a choice as a mother or maybe a girlfriend. She

most definitely manufactured the wrong decision, one that she’ll have to

experience forever. Statuses are what we should are in every area of your life, and functions

are what we do in life (Lecture notes, sociological perspective

part theory). For instance, one of Susan Smiths statuses was

as being a mother. What exactly mother? A mother is supposed to love

proper care, and guard her children before anything else in her life.

Susan Smiths role as a mother was definitely not normal. Perhaps

she was confused about what her role as a mother should be. Your woman

deviated by her function as a mom so dramatically, and it is

nearly impossible to understand what sort of mother could watch her

children expire. I believe that she knew perfectly well what her

role as a mother should be, nevertheless she made a decision to be really selfish.

There are two sorts of statuses that accompany role theory.

Attributed statuses will be those that get to all of us without a choice

and attained statuses will be those that we choose or obtain (Lecture

paperwork, sociological point of view, role theory, 2000). Since being

a mother is usually an obtained status, it really is even more difficult to know why Leslie Smith transformed her mind about this position that

was achieved and killed her children. It is hard to believe that a

mother would choose a guy over her own kids permanently.

All three in the theories discussed previously have been

successful in analyzing Susan Smiths horrible crime. Yet , I

assume that the sociable learning theory can best explain this

heinous occurrence because it seems that Susan Jones was just

concerned with customizing her rewards. This theory works better

than the others because the other theories were not as clear on

what motivated Susan to commit this kind of a crime. The lady was and so motivated

to get her men approval and love that she taken out her

important children by her lifestyle. In the end, the lady only received

horrible punishments. Punishments that is neverending. Not

only will certainly she under no circumstances be free again, although she is resented among nearly

everyone that has heard this horrific story. I believe that Susan

features definitely learned a great lesson by being punished to life in

prison. The lady did not get any rewards by eradicating her children.

This can be a story that will make ones stomach turn, every

loving mom embrace the youngster. I don’t think any individual will ever

really know what Susan Smith was really pondering as your woman watched her

children gradually immerse in to the murky seas of John D. Extended Lake

that autumn day. It seems also difficult to try to understand why

a mother might kill her own children. Hopefully someday we can

completely understand the nature of this kind of crime, and crimes related to

it, to ensure that we may put a permanent end to innocent children staying

murdered by person that should protect them one of the most.


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