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Hospitality Management

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Food Marketing. Now i am studying hospitality management Chilly Coast Down under. I attach documents understanding target hospitality organisation (Meriton Serviced Rentals Gold Coast) I wanna essay.

Hospitality marketing

Meriton Serviced Apartments rentals is an Australian-based company offering alternative hospitality companies in high-class apartments, in hotels located near the beach and featuring customers using a wide array of recreational options. Still, a weakness of the hotels remains to be the comparatively low quality in the rooms, due to the fact that the company outsources the entire place division to a cleaning business (Part A). In this environment then, the existing strategic pitch is that of raising the quality of the rooms through the improvement of control over the outsourced providers.

Strategy tips

In a more thorough stance, the proposed approach is seen as the following:

Aim: The range of the strategy is that of increasing the quality of the rooms to be able to increase the amounts of customer satisfaction, the reputation of the hotels and ultimately, the sales levels (Schmitt, 2010). The requirement is that of a 5 per cent increase in sales within the initial six months of strategy rendering.

Target market: The primary target market pertaining to the approach is represented by the currently existent consumers, who would appreciate higher quality bedrooms, reveal larger levels of satisfaction and as such engage in word of mouth publicity (Cahill, 1997). This would result in the reach of the second target market, specifically the prospected customers, produced from businesses primarily.

Placing: The setup of the fresh strategy might help the business position itself as a remarkable provider of different and top quality hospitality solutions.

Weakness into opportunity: while revealed throughout the first section of the project, Meriton Serviced Rentals has outsourced all of its room providers to a washing company which means that there is a decreased control over room quality, which can be at times poor. The implementation in the proposed approach – using its expected success – would result in the creation of a competitive strength of higher quality areas and an elevated opportunity to be successful within the very dynamic marketplace, where points of difference – such as excellent room quality – are crucial (Reid and Bojanic, 2009).

Aside from the aspects already protected in the previous lines, it is now important to reveal a lot of practical tips about how to in fact implement the proposition. Particularly, the strategy would include the creation of additional control mechanisms to supervise within the means when the leaning partner company is completing the totality from the room solutions. Some certain recommendations with this sense consist of:

(1) The analysis from the current shortages in room top quality (Hsu and Powers, 2001)

(2) The topic of these shortages with the cleaning company

(3) The creation of new quality standards wanted by Meriton Serviced Flats and which usually would be integrated by the washing company (Mawson

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