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CASE 1 ) Should Kroger Pay At this point For What Ralphs’ Employee Did Then? Query 1: Assuming that the store and district managers of Ralphs received complaints about Misiolek’s behavior starting in 1985, nevertheless that these grievances did not reach Ralph’s headquarters in Compton, do you believe the evaluate is right in holding which the company overall should not be held responsible for his actions? Should the company end up being held responsible intended for policies that prevent grievances from getting headquarters?

Ralphs Grocery Co. should be held accountable because Ralphs’ management would not facilitate feedback, complaints by employee to headquarter. There was also not any control device on Ralphs Grocery Company. The most important point that should be underlined is In The spring 1996 many women previously complained to Ralph’s management but the firm did not consider any action to self-control Misiolek. Misiolek was not taken from his location as retail outlet manager, although instead transferred the complaining women to other retailers.

Question 2: What kind of penalty will you believe would be appropriate for Ralphs? In your perspective, was the.

three or more million penalty excessive? Explain.

The fees should be compensatory and punitive damages. It could be such a good idea based on compensatory justice main. The $33. 3 mil penalty is definitely excessive according to how much the charge to rehabilitate the subjects and how much the subjects were aggrieved. I deduce that $33. 3 , 000, 000 penalty was excessive for the reason that psychological effect for some employees was not significantly same with. Except for those who was grabbed, touched, patted, hugged, touched their very own breasts that was way more offensive should be give much more than rehabilitation price penalty. Problem 3: Ought to Kroger have to pay for events that occurred before it took over the chain of supermarkets?

Ethically Kroger should not shell out at all. But actually it depends on the acquisition contract between Kroger with Fred Meyer and Sally Meyer withRalphs. Question 4: Many states (but not California) adopt federal guidelines that create a cap of $300, 500 on punitive damages in harassment situations. Is such a hat a good idea via an ethical point of view? Explain.

In concern same with issue number two, so it is not good thought for flattening punishment. It may meet the expense to rehabilitate the subjects and how very much the subjects were aggrieved. Jail treatment should be considered.

Problem 5: What can a business do to make sure that a situation like Misiolek’s does not occur? How come do you think Ralph’s allowed Misiolek to continue managing stores?

A policy that should be are present are drafted with zero-tolerance policy barring sexual nuisance, conduct a few control mechanism by assisting employee reviews, online make a complaint media, relief for manager, All grievances must completely investigated. Ralphs allowed Misiolek to continue handling store due to his power to achieve profits at the stores that he manage and of achieving good bottom line numbers at individuals stores.

CASE 2 . Wal-Mart’s Women

Question one particular: What economical impact do you consider the court action could potentially include on Wal-Mart?

If the law suit was powerful the company would have to pay all the compensation sum which was about 86 mil dollars to its whole 1 . 6th million woman employees. Which in short will be a big strike to the provider’s financials, and in addition with the showing signs of damage image due to the issue they might possibly overlook an very long customers bringing about further economic implications. It would also result in higher rates in the store because the company would try to replace with all the damage incurred cause of the particular suit. Question 2: What are difficulties moral problems of the females suing Wal-Mart? Do you believe these meaningful complaints will be justified? For what reason?

The major complaints launched by women had been that the firm (wal-mart)discriminated against female personnel in promotions pay, management training and job assignments. The women mentioned that promotions in wal-mart were biased towards males, where males were advertised much faster and at a much repeated rate after that women. They also stated that there was a pay space between men and women where two people of different gender on the same positions were paid differently and ladies were often paid fairly lower than the boys. I think go through the complaints are valid.

If you are in a work and you see other co workers getting hired which are less certified than you are then I think that the complaints will be valid. If perhaps more than one issue is being built about the business then an investigation is called for. The grievances are justified if you get a position or perhaps inquire with regards to a position and the company does not give you a chance but then convert and hire a man whom is less qualified than you are. That’s reason to make a tangible decision and go forward. I might have done the same thing. Problem 3: What factors do you consider might be the cause of the discrepancies the Drogin report uncovered?

1) incorrect perception better level workers towards females. 2) Very subjective analysis of performance

3) Biased promotion guidelines

4)Lack of plainly stated promo criteria and wage composition. Question some: What, if anything, do you consider Wal-Mart must do to correct these discrepancies? Should the company commence an “affirmative action campaign program to get female workers? If therefore , what should this program look like?

To correct the above issues wal-mart should try make an monitoring system which will would keep an eye on the advertising procedure as well as the ratio through which male and female employees are promoted, attempt to specify the promotion requirements and salary structures and make it’s even for a lot of employees in spite of their gender so as to prevent situations such as this in the future. Strict action and measures ought to be taken against people encouraging gender splendour in the organization i. elizabeth the managers as stated in case. Question a few: Do you think the ladies deserve to win all their lawsuit?


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