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Composition Analysis

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Excerpt from Research Paper:

Line 12 – Again, he paperwork that the land and region will change, but it really will continue to remain close to what it is today.

Line 13 – This line covers creation as well as the birth of The planet, just as the poem celebrates creation and the birth of a building.

Line 14 – This series continues the theme of creation, using a metaphor of “Orion in December” to describe the theme of creation, rebirth, and permanence concurrently.

Line 12-15 – This beautiful line uses phrase and simile to create a beautiful impression. “Evenings was strung inside the throat with the valley like a lamp-lighted bridge” (Jeffers 15), and the image of the “throat” of the valley makes it seem to be delicate and beautiful simultaneously.

Line sixteen – This line provides the reader to the house plus the coastline, plus the permanence from the ocean as well as the “white gulls” (Jeffers 16).

Line 17 – This kind of line completes line sixteen and contains the image of the gulls “weaving a dance more than blue normal water, ” something which just about everyone provides seen and may identify with, and so, it creates a mental picture, like lots of the images with this poem have the ability to do. The moon is usually waning, too, which could suggest Jeffers feels he is visiting the end of his lifestyle, or the end of the composition.

Line 18 – This kind of line generally seems to strengthen thinking about the last series, that something happens to be ending, as the gulls’ “dance-companion” is a “ghost walking, ” indicating that existence, unlike the forest as well as the buildings, and the land, is definitely not long lasting (Jeffers 18).

Line 19 – This kind of line goes on the ghosting image, with “whiter than any bird in the world” a very crystal clear image of the ghost and its importance to the poem (Jeffers 19).

Collection 20 – This range indicates Jeffers is not ready to discover his very own ghost, it is far from there, or perhaps if it is, that cannot be noticed. This indicates that he believes that he may live on in the building this individual has created, even if he is not really physically presently there, he and his art can live on within the walls this individual created.

Line 21 – Again, the poem returns to the granite foundation of the property, with Jeffers saying his ghost will probably be “deep inside the granite, not dancing in wind” (Jeffers 21). This individual knows that he will never leave this place because he adores it excessive, and his heart will always remain there, long after he is removed.

Line twenty two – the last line of the poem comes back to the symbolism of “mad wings” and “day moon” that complete this composition and produce it unforgettable. This is a quiet finishing to a effective poem, as powerful because the stone that floods the composition with good and stately images.

In conclusion, Jeffers pores out his love for the home he created and indicates that the power of it is foundations is going to stand the test of time, along with

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