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To what level do Burger king use motivational theories to enhance the overall performance of their workers and hence increase efficiency/productivity? Happen to be these strategies effective?


McDonalds is a large multinational company that supplies lots of people with junk food. It is important to enable them to ensure that the workforce they will employ can be working to all their full potential. McDonalds are extremely customer/ market orientated. That they depend on a reputation intended for customer service. In the event employees aren’t motivated after that this will suffer. If personnel aren’t determined costs surge.

E. g. training costs increase in percentage to personnel turnover.

“When an employee has a task to complete and it is certainly not carried out satisfactorily, this failure may well be as a result of a lack of inspiration, rather than a insufficient ability. Being mindful of this McDonalds must be sure that their particular workforce can be motivated.

Inspiration can be related to a number of factors such as spend, working several hours, working environment etc . (see appendix p1 intended for full list).

Along with these the corporate culture and management styles can play a part influencing the motivation with the employees.

Well-motivated employees obtain more. They are more dedicated, vigorous and productive. Over the years various approaches for motivating employees have been created. These are called motivational hypotheses. Many different and sometimes contrasting theories have been submit by a number of different theorists (see appendix p1, p2). Let me look into the level that B, Hertford, make use of these.


Employees who have are poorly motivated often score poorly on by least one of the factors affecting motivation: a great undemanding task, unpleasant working

circumstances and low pay. (see appendix p1)

A lack of motivation- either limited to one area or perhaps department, or spread over the firm- trigger employee discontentment. This ends in a higher work turnover ultimately causing a waste of time and cash (see appendix p2) improved incidents of absenteeism and/ or sickness, poor timekeeping, and more arguments between equally formal and informal teams within the organization.

Motivational trouble is not very easily overcome. Normally if one individual in a entire workforce can be unmotivated they may start grunting to the additional employees. This can then cause the problems to spread because those that have read the grunting may also start to moan (low motivation and moaning become contagious). The down sides become very difficult to stop lifeless.

I feel that a great organisation such as McDonalds will try to prevent them arising to start with. Also according to V. H Space the greater the motivation of the employee more suitable the chance of them performing a set job providing they may have the ability. He put this into a great equation:

Overall performance = Capacity x Determination (people require the ability to perform a task but in reality need the determination to do it)

This formula leads me personally to think that McDonalds will use a lot of motivational theories as the equation demonstrates that motivation is an extremely important factor influencing a person’s functionality so Burger king will try to increase it in as many techniques as they likely can.


Primary study

To find the data that I needed I constructed a customer survey table that gave me information in very little a time as is possible. One table told me what McDonalds had been doing to motivate the staff and which in turn of these determination techniques they found successful. (See appendix for technique on thequestionnaire and data collection)

Extra research

I used data collected by the key skills group in my year. They will constructed a questionnaire to pupils in year a dozen to find out “what factors motivate them in their paid job and how this info could be useful to employers. I quickly took particular questions out of this for my own work and they gave me the results for these. The queries that I utilized were your five, 6 and 7. (See appendix intended for copy of this questionnaire Web pages 6, 7). This was strongly related me for instance a of the issue lead to answers that could be relevant to motivational hypotheses and motivation in general.


The outcomes collected demonstrated that B used a whole lot of factors to motivate their particular workforce as well as the results confirmed that the elements the employees found the most important in motivating these people were those that McDonalds got satisfied well. (The outcomes table in the appendix p4, p5 shows this where two articles both have the amount three in them)

It would appear that rather than work with one single motivational theory Burger king have taken all of them and tried to combine because shown at the bottom of the back again page inside the appendix wherever I have connected factors via my set of questions table to specific theories. (See appendix p5 for evidence)

Burger king has a democratic leadership design and a job culture (see appendix intended for definitions/explanations p1) both of that are associated with McGregors theory Con worker (see McGregor in the appendix p1). This improves motivation in line with the survey that was carried out by the key skill group. (See appendix p8 for results proving this)

There is group working associated with Elton Mayo yet there exists a performance related pay structure that would be associated with F. T Taylor. They may have even taken into account the work made by Fredrick Hertzberg which says that anemployees needs can be put broadly in two kinds of motivators and Hygiene factors (see appendix p1 Hertzberg). He says that although health factors ought to be present- determination falls if they are ignored- that they themselves usually do not motivate workers. His theory suggests that managers must present motivators by means of job richness and job rotation plans. As you can see in the table of results (appendix p5) McDonalds staff thought that this is important to all of them and have stated that job rotation schemes have been completely used and used well.

The Questionnaire that the essential skills group constructed revealed that most with the students received training in their particular job and the vast majority thought that all they should have already been trained. It is suggested that if perhaps proper schooling were given it could motivate employees. However That stuff seriously whether a staff is given training or not really is better related to Hertzberg’s motivators and cleanliness factors because he says that a hygiene element alone will not motivate a person nevertheless if the component is neglected then it may cause a lack of determination. This seems to be the case with training because shown simply by Question 6th of the essential skill questionnaire.


My own prediction that McDonalds could use a wide range of motivational hypotheses seems to be accurate, as they don’t just use one of many theories they may have integrated every one of them And they include a democratic leadership style. However irrespective of all this they still have lots of labour proceeds. “We do everything we are able to to ensure that the staff are enthusiastic. We give them proper training and a 4 week trial period yet myself and my fellow workers still locate ourselves brief due to staff not staying with us for your long stated the store director when I was conducting my personal research.

A single view (a) could that could be into the fact that a lot of of the employees are aged still in school, university or college. Therefore they might quit the job when they have to start revising for examinations, when they go back home from their universities or whenever they finish school and go in search of the permanent bigger paid work or job. All of this leads to higher recruiting and schooling costs. Demonstrating that although the staff they have stated they are motivated they can be still burning off employees therefore showing that they will be not being as efficient because they would like. They are making their very own employees even more productive and efficient tend to be not being efficient in keeping them. (See problems of labour yield in the appendix p2). One other view (b) could be that staff tend not to see Burger king offering a long term career.

Substitute jobs are available to the personnel and the shell out is about a similar (Evidence by results of Q5 in the key abilities survey). This indicates that all their staff retention problems are more probable down to the factors defined in view (a) above.


From the info collected I can conclude that McDonalds in Hertford uses motivational ideas to a substantial extent. My personal research demonstrated that they have attempted to take all the theories, put together by all of the theorists, and combine them as well as adopting a democratic leadership to make certain that they reap the benefits of a hard operating, motivated and for that reason productive staff.

The company seems to have the accurate type of managing as the results from the key skills survey issue 7 (See appendix p8) suggests that the workers are McGregors theory Y workers (appendix McGregor p1)

I feel that the company is being powerful in motivating the employees and my analysis proves this kind of. This demonstrates they are employing all of the motivational theories for their advantage shown in the appendix where the mindset factors will be linked to theory.

One of the reasons for motivating the workforce was going to increase production and I think they may have done this as my questionnaire showed that the workers were motivated. This determination will increase their very own productivity and gratification according to the director and Sixth is v. H Bedrooms equation. (See

appendix p2)

We conclude that McDonalds have increased their particular efficiency to a small level just by increasing staff output because if perhaps each member of staff is creating faster chances are they are expense reduction in the form of time. However my personal research demonstrated that Burger king, Hertford, are not being because efficient as is possible as they are continue to suffering from time turnover yet this may be nothing to do with lack of inspiration but simply that the mainly young personnel do not consider it for as long term work option even though do are likely to be employed for 1 to 2 years as part time staff.


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