How British Rule was bad for India Essay

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One way in which British Rule did not help India was that they had a detrimental effect on Indian Operate. India at the moment was a important producer of cotton when the United kingdom came into electricity they also helped bring cheaper silk cotton from The united kingdom.

This resulted in many natural cotton factories ended uphad been forced out of business by less costly cotton abroad. In a sense the British had been deindustrialising India. If British Rule really was good for India, it would include tried to develop the country in important areas as such as the trade.

Nevertheless , this is not what Britain would but they hindered the control. A particular fact proves this time very well. At the start of British secret, India released 1 million yards of cotton by Britain.

3 decades later this kind of figure flower to 400.00 million meters of natural cotton. This shows that Britain was destroying India’s trade. Yet another way in which British Rule was bad for India was that the British targeted too much within the military.

Britain’s utmost concern was to get the safety in the British investors in India and therefore put a lot of India’s assets into producing the military to protect all of them. However , because the , the burkha was industrialising, India had been left behind. It is because they weren’t having any kind of scientific innovations or any revolutionary inventions and this was because of the lack of education. Britain squandered too much of India’s resources and money for the military and never enough was put into changing the education program. This is displayed by the reality 32% of presidency spending was on expanding the army but that only 1% was dedicated to bettering education.

Today I have discussed to British Rule was bad for India because The united kingdom deindustrialised India and Great britain focused excessive on the armed service.

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