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How does Steinbeck present isolation in ‘of mice and men’? Through the Great Depression in the 1930s in america many migrant workers attended California in search of work. Inside the novel “Of Mice and Men Ruben Steinbeck deals with the solitude which damaged these personas. One of the main emblems of this, is the setting in the novel is Soledad, which translated by Spanish means solitude. Steinbeck point to the cause of loneliness getting from splendour, and the loneliest person on the working ranch would likely always be the black stable money “Crooks, this can be proved by simply his actions and his attempts to make good friends.

You first figure out him when he expresses his loneliness to Lennie, “a guy goes nuts in the event that he ain’t got no person.

Don’t generate no difference who the guy is, long’s she has with you. I tell ya a guy gets too unhappy an’ he gets sick. (page 82) This indicates this individual has become psychologically ill because of his severe loneliness in the room.

As a great African American he is not allowed into the bunk house or to enjoy cards with all the white ranchers. Crooks explains to Lennie it truly is “Cause I am just black. They play playing cards in there, yet I can’t play since I’m dark-colored. They say My spouse and i stink. Very well I tell you, you all of you stink in my opinion.  (page 77) This shows that he longs to sign up them in playing cards and feels nasty and upset that he can’t. This is a very hurtful time in America.

Crooks was the only black person on the ranch and there was merely one other dark family in the area. While Crooks says “If My answer is something it’s nigger sayin’ it.  (page 80) Crooks initially turns Lennie away from his room expressing “you got no directly to come in my own room.  (page 77) but due to Lennie’s ‘disarming smile’ (page 77) he gives in and invites him in. When Thieves realises about the desire the farm building he really wants to be part of this, offering to work for nothing at all. “If you¦guys would want a hand to work for practically nothing ” only his maintain, why I’d personally come an’ lend a hand. We ain’t thus crippled I can’t operate like a son-of-a-bitch if I wish to.  (page 86) This displays how anxious Crooks is to overcome his loneliness and stay part of a thing.

However , this dream is stopped by simply Curley’s partner who poises to animadvert on of him of rasurado so that he will probably be put up. She will remind him that everyone is going to believe her saying “Well, you keep your house then, Nigger. I could acquire you put up on a forest so easy this ain’t actually funny.  (page 91) This makes Crooks remember that he could be not able to end up being anything else and the dream is definitely futile. He returns to being furious and unhealthy. Steinbeck does not offer a solution to Thieves loneliness. This individual simply provides an remark on lifestyle and how unhappy it can be for some people. This individual shows how racism could cause loneliness and isolation which can cause people to be incredibly bitter and angry.


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