how come did the reds succeed the municipal war

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Unrest and battle

The Reds gained the City War for most reasons, however, many are especially more important than others. A lot of factors this sort of as¦ Geographical advantage Strong leadership Unity and enterprise Support Paragraph 1 (Short) (6 mins) The physical advantage of the Reds helped them with the Civil war because it offered them with armed service benefits which the Whites would not have. Physical Factors Reds: Held central area of European Russia ” Moscow + Petrograd = population for conscription Whites: Scattered among Russia.

Reds: Controlled large industrial centers >produce war supplies >deliver them efficiently amongst troops Whites: Communication difficult, numerous miles separated different soldires ” made disunity How did this kind of help them win? Because that they had abundant methods while the White wines did not¦ Paragraph 2 (Short) (6mins) The Reds won the Civil warfare partly because of their enemy’s disunity and lack of organisation.

The Reds could therefore exploit the White’s major weaknesses in order to secure a victory.

Unity + Organisation Whites: Some members were liberal and just satisfied with the returning of the Provisional government Whites: The generals distrusted each other >Didn’t communicate with each other about attacks >bases already far apart Reds: Conscription was introduced and Trotsky hand picked loyal soldiers >army increased from 100,000 to 500,000 by August 1918 Reds: January 1920 5 million men enlisted >former Tsarist officers held with blackmail The consequence?

The Campaigns of Kolchak and Deniken contributed to the Red’s victory (lack of troops, unorganised) Production of weapons ” war communism Paragraph three or more (6 mins) Without a obvious sense of direction and leadership the Reds would have had difficulty in their achievement.

Lenin and Trotsky were robust leaders whom led the Red’s with their victory. Management Trotsky moved 65, 1000 miles throughout Russia aiding front range to motivate Red soldiers. Lenin very clear and organised leadership White wines: Had multiple leaders who have set bad examples by drinking.

Whites: Aided homeowners to gain lost land (lost support by peasants) Whites: Once peasants conscripted Brutal discipline sama dengan want democracy more The result?: Better army and even more support sama dengan victory Section 4 (6mins) Another element that supposed the Reds won the Civil war was due to amount support they gained in Spain. Support Reds: gained support through repression and change Repression: Cheka, grain requisitioning, Reform: Propaganda, VIK typical representation of villages in dealings with central government.

Briefly refer to former Tsarist commanders (blackmail) Whites: Experienced foreign aid from France, Asia and USA. Was 1 / 2 hearted plus some troops sympathised with Reds. Whites: Peasant soldiers typically switched attributes, as they weren’t happy with White’s declaration of returning area back to homeowners. The end result?: Had committed troops who fought for these people, ensuing in a better armed service. Conclusion (10) To conclude, I believe the main reason as to why the Whites won the Civil battle was because of the enemy’s disunity and their lack of support.

The White’s became infamous for their terror they brought. Estimated 100, 1000 ” a hundred and fifty, 000 Jews in Ukraine and the southern part of Russia had been killed in pogroms. Result? Loss of support Reds were able to gain twenty four, 000-experienced Tsarist officers Compare with White wines and their unorganised efforts A result of good armed service? Reds: Guarantee loyalty of officers and men, political commissars mounted on provide ‘political education’. Whites? Less loyalty Disunity? Campaign example For what reason did the Reds get the Municipal War in 1920 Composition Plan.


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