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In this paper Let me illustrate the fallowing two points: “why I joined the us Marine Corps and how while an anti tank well guided missileman with all the billet of driver; I could be useful to not only TOW platoon but the current second section. Let me begin by explaining chronologically the events that led me in to making living altering decision to join Many finest preventing force, the end of the spear, those who work not far from but towards the sounds of the gun; The us Marine Corps.

I shall than thoroughly and objectively take a look at the coupure of new driver within an soldires platoon; and elucidate on how this billet (job) is advantageous. I will after that proceed to illustrate as one whom hold the therefore forth mentioned billet how it is or perhaps can be useful to tow platoon. My decision to join the military generally I believe unconsciously started when my big brother returned coming from Army standard training.

While my buddy was a quite smart man he had never really been to apply himself neither did he have the travel to, yet whatever got happened to him during army simple training acquired made an alteration in him; a change to find the best.

He returned and the alteration was evident in every solitary one of his actions and thoughts. He had a drive to accomplish most of his desired goals dreams and aspiration, in addition to that he had the discipline important to stay on his new found way. I went on to college in the fall fallowing his go back from simple training not sure if these kinds of new attributes and durability I saw in him could continue or disappear. After i returned home that fall after my personal first session and spoke to him and I saw the changes acquired stayed with him and grown even further.

Using that he previously used the equipment he had been given to accomplish a great deal in previously so little of time. All that remained in my mind, but it did not become strongly related me right up until my sophomore year of college. I realized that while I was doing well, I was simply just going through the moves. That’s when I made the decision to participate in the army. I initial though I would personally join the army just like my brother, even so through a number of events and a need to surpass my buddy I decided to participate in the handful of the very pleased The United States Sea Corp. I actually joined with the fallowing desired goals and way of thinking.

I wanted to work with the Ocean Corps not to only further my education but target it. I joined with the idea that once I got in I would have the travel and equipment necessary to not merely continue my own education but just as my brother acquired done; I would strive to attain my dreams goals and aspirations with even more interest. Whether or not it has happened, remains to be to be identified. I think Now i am still on the eve of my Underwater Corps, anywhere this organization will be able to help me accomplish what I hoped it will do job so that is still in the air.

Right now onto the subject of what I may contribute to tow platoon since driver. The work a rider within tow platoon?nternet site understand it is to: “Know every one of the vehicle development, all attached IA drill, be able to maintain and maintenance the vehicle(s) assigned to him about lessen the burden of the automobile commander; he should also find out and understand the job and knowledge of 1 billet previously mentioned and listed below (in the case only above). As such all those would be my contribution towards the platoon as being a driver in town platoon second section.

In conclusion I signed up with The united states Underwater Corps with all the purpose of furthering my education, and canalizing my strength and thoughts towards my personal aspirations, and work. At present it seems like all of that will have to be at a standstill until the opportunity arises to forge forwards with the above mentioned plans. Dedicated to my advantages as a drivers, I must maintain and maximize my familiarity with what the driver is imagine know and be able to do; thus I will be capable of contribute to tow platoon and second section by simply undertaking factions from the billet designated to me.


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