how did the renaissance change man s view of man

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Just how Did The Renaissance Transform Europe

How did the Renaissance modify man’s perspective of gentleman? In the 1400’s the Middle Ages had ended and the started Renaissance. Through the Middle Ages, the Church had authority more than most people. In the period people had very few legal rights. The Renaissance was a big changed that acquired in Europe which lasted for 300 years. Man had stated to see a new kind of art, literary works, and research. I think mans view on gentleman changed due to three essential parts of the Renaissance.

The Renaissance was changed simply by art, literary works, and scientific research.

How Would Art Change During The Renaissance

Man’s look at of man was changed due to the new style of artwork. In record A it compared two different artwork from two different period of time to review the different types of style art styles. In source one particular the portrait “Madonna Enthroned Between two Angles”, by Duccio pada Buoninsegna (Doc A), was done in a religious matter of what the church experienced wanted.

The second resource was the “Mona Lisa”, by simply Leonardo De uma Vinci (Doc A), which showed a new type of art style which showed panoramas and 3d figures. Skill changed male’s view of man by simply showing fresh types of styles and artistic flexibility.

Man’s watch of person changed during the Renaissance could possibly be through literature. For example in source two, in the perform Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote “in apprehension just how like a goodness! ” (Doc B). Through the Renaissance people were viewed as god/angel-like creatures or as pieces of art. People were right now starting to feel that they were gorgeous people. In source 1, in Every Guy, the author published, “Ye [ guy ] think desprovisto in starting full sweet” (Doc B). In the Middle Age groups humans had been considered to be sinners, and how we were created by god. People were becoming goodness himself coming from creations that sin. Materials changed man’s view of man by simply telling persons they were beautiful and god-like.

During the Renaissance man’s perspective of man was altered through astronomy. In origin two, Copernicus’s idea of, “Heliocentric Universe” (Doc C) questioned the Middle Age groups view of any geocentric galaxy. The geocentric universe, and therefore all the planets and the sunlight revolved surrounding the earth. The Heliocentric World, meaning that every thing revolved around the sun, challenged the Church. Back in the Middle Ages challenging the geocentric universe, would mean death back then.

Thankfully because of reason the church couldn’t kill persons, because they knew these were wrong. Astronomy changed mans view of man by loosening the Church’s grasp on persons. Man’s view on man changed due to fine art, literature, and astronomy. However have a right to thinking in what they desire and I find out it’s hard to thinking in something new after you use most of your daily life with this. Still people have a right to think in what they want and the cathedral was preventing that. Persons should worry about this mainly because helps be familiar with past and present.

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