How do you respond to the presentation of Curley’s wife in ‘Of Mice and Men’? Essay

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Curley’s wife can be presented while quite an unclear character. She actually is seen in two ways: in one method she is known as `jail bait’, a `tart’ and `tramp’.

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In another approach she is seen as a victim of any male contemporary society, the only girl on the farmville farm. Even as a main character inside the novel, the girl remains nameless and only while `Curley’s wife’. This makes her sound like Curley’s property just like Curley’s horses or clothing. This is also representational of the part of women at the time in which Of Mice and Men was set.

Curley’s wife can be considered a very promiscuous woman, but that is because of the photo you build in your mind in the description of her flirtatious attitudes. Just before we even meet Curley’s wife she actually is degraded by simply Candy, the `old swamper’. He accuses her of having “the eye” even though she gets been married two weeks: “You know what I believe? … I do believe Curleys wedded a sour. ” Candy says this because, Curley’s wife offers a few of the other workers “the eye. ” or so he thinks. Curley’s wife makes its way into the bunkhouse; she uses the excuse that she is looking for Curley. She does not seem to need to leave.

George explains to her that he was below earlier. The lady still would not leave even though, “she place her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame to ensure that her human body was placed forward. ” This shows her flirtatious nature. Curley’s wife back her account up by simply saying, “sometimes he’s in here” looking at her hands as the girl does and so. She finally leaves once George once again tells her that Curley isn’t right now there. “Nobody can’t blame a person for looking. ” Curley’s better half says this kind of almost to safeguard herself, as if to say, nobody can fault her if she’s only looking for her husband.

When considering or taking a look at what Curley’s wife has on, you would not really associate that with every working day life over a farm; the girl with out of place. Performs this carry on over the story? Luxury? always out of place? “She acquired full rouged lips and wide-spaced sight, heavily constructed. Her finger nails were reddish.

Her curly hair hung in little folded clusters, just like sausages. The lady wore organic cotton house gown and reddish mules. Around the insteps which were tiny bouquets of red ostrich feathers. ” The constant reminder of reddish gives us two suggestions: one, reddish colored being used while the colour of passion. Another sign of Curley’s wife’s flirtatious fashion: two, red showing risk. All the indications of red may well be a link to the red gown of the girl in Pot, where George and Lennie previously performed.

Could there be a hyperlink? Curley’s wife recognises that her physique and sexuality are her only weaponry and she’s using them. In Steinbeck’s terms “she had only one thing to sell and she recognized it. ” Curley’s wife is described as this `tart’ and `jail bait’ not simply by accident.

This portrayal is definitely purely through the author’s actions. The simple fact that she actually is known simply as Curley’s wife can be described as clear indication of her anonymity. She’s given not any name or in fact not any identity. Is this hatred to women about Steinback’s component, or is definitely he dealing with the stereotypical attitudes toward women? Curley’s wife just like everybody else features dreams.

Curley’s wife’s wish is to be a star. Curley’s wife was asked to go on a show once she was younger, yet her mother wouldn’t let her. Curley’s wife recalls a man in the “pitchers. ” Said he’d write with her about turning out to be an occasional actress and being in the movies.

Curley’s wife says that her mother stole the letter when it emerged, to stop her from achieving her fantasy, when it seriously didn’t arrive at all. “Well I wasn’t gonna stay no place in which I couldn’t get nowhere or generate something of myself… thus i married Curley” this gives a powerful impression that she committed Curley purely out of spite, toward her mother. She goes on to say that “I don’ like Curley” this kind of confirms the very fact that she married him out of spite. Just like the rest of the dreams in of Mice and Men hers so far is unsucssesful. “I coulda made somethin of myself… maybe I will yet. ” But Curley’s wife remains to be holding on to a faint shine of expect.

This may clarify Curley’s wife’s behaviour around the ranch; she may see it as a level and the staff as her audience. In chapter four our attitudes towards Curley’s wife transform dramatically throughout. In the beginning a feeling of sympathy and loneliness is usually aroused, due to her failed dreams and the way her husband treats her or rather doesn’t treat her “Think I don’t know in which they all went? ” Curley and the various other ranch workers are spending their night in a brothel.

Toward the final a feeling of hatred or hate is built up, beginning with her flirtatious fashion to Lennie, ending with her ethnicity abuse and threats to Crooks: “I could get you strung up to tree so easy it aint even funny. ” This can be another signal of the society at that time. Curley’s wife mocks the dream of George, Lennie and Candies, saying that they almost had better things to spend their money in: “Baloney… I actually seen way too many you fellas. If you got two pennies in the worl’ why you’d be getting two shots of corn… And sucking the bottom of the goblet. ” This really is a clear indication, to the target audience, of her naivet�. Below she is mocking others dreams, when not so long ago her dream broken around her.

Curley’s wife’s death may be looked upon in several different ways. From your way the other character types are seen to respond, it is as though they are the subjects of the loss of life and not her. The way in which the writer describes your body is the opposite: “She was very fairly and simple, and her deal with was fairly sweet and fresh. ” This may suggest a great innocent mindset, as if her death got transformed her. To something or someone better. Although Curley’s wife is useless, she is nonetheless subject to fault.

Candy can be one of those who have feel in this way, talking to the lifeless human body “You carried out it, di’n’t you? I s’pose you’re glad. Everybody knowed you’d mess things up. You wasn’t no good. You aint not good now, you lousy sour. ” If the `guys’ check out her loss of life, I don’t think that Curley seems to understand that his wife is dead.

He doesn’t prevent to mourn at all, or hold her one previous time, every self-respecting person would do. He is only interested in one thing, revenge. In conclusion Curley’s better half is seen as a great ambiguous figure. Her feelings and mannerisms change over the novel.

She is presented, since somebody that nobody likes not really her very own husband. I believe this is personality is very confusing and if anyone was to take time to get to know her a little better I’m sure Curley’s wife could be a very `nice’ person.

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