How Does John Steinbeck Present the Character of Crooks Essay

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Criminals (named for his twisted back) may be the stable dollar who works together with the ranch horses. This individual lives in the harness place by himself because of the segregation regulation set by Jim Crow; he is as well the only black man within the ranch. Crooks likes to examine books this shows he could be cleverer than the other males on the hacienda and likes to keep his room neat, but this individual has been thus beaten down by solitude and lesiva treatment of that he is likewise starting to treat people with hate. His Physical disability is one of the many ways that he endures on the ranch.

John Steinbeck tries to make the novel realistic by showing how black people were cured and remote in 1930s America. Criminals may not be the primary character inside the novel, he can important as they fitted in the society during the time of the novel in 1930s America. Steinbeck uses Thieves to show just how life was for black people in 1930s America. The Character can be firstly introduced when sweets was showing George and Lennie around and when he was talking about how angry the boss was when George and Lennie were later to function. Candy explains to them that the boss will take his anger on crooks, Ya see the stable bucks a nigger, the boss offers him terrible when he is definitely mad.

White People in 1930s America had no discomfort in using derogatory language, this is normal for people it was the local language in 1930s. Candies says nice fella too and he reads a lot Demonstrating he is intelligent and good guy. Persons show hatred towards him because of the shade of his skin. He and many coloured people were segregated from the whites in 1930, because of the John Crow laws and regulations. George requires Candy what kind of person is the boss” he quickly brings up which the boss experienced brought bourbon for them by Christmas, he also points out what happened whenever they let thieves in, Thieves got into a fight one Christmas using a white person.

Steinbeck presents the character of Crooks within a detailed information; John Steinbeck tells us that Crooks’ room is in the funnel where all of the horses sleep, this demonstrates that he is segregated from all the other men within the ranch.

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