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Ruben Steinbeck uses language in several ways throughout the story. It creates imagery and helps you understand the storyline even better. Also it indicates variations in characters plus the setting in the story.

Steinbeck uses non-standard English to get dialogue. Lennie is described to be a slow childish personality; he works like a child asking George lots of inquiries about presently there ‘dream’. Lennie repeats this kind of quite a lot “George how allong� it will be till we get the rabbits? ” This is certainly Lennies dream to have rabbits, and Steinbeck repeats this dream it’s a kind of beat throughout the publication.

Also Lennie is more of a listener this individual doesn’t speak much to other character types apart from George unless he has also. He requests George frequently to “tell” him “about that place” where they may be planning to move to when they are able to afford, Lennie listens to George as though he was a parent or perhaps guardian and gets enthusiastic while George tell him.

This gives us the impression that George looks after Lennie and keeps him safe.

Steinbeck makes George seem to be rather parent like. George is a talker, he explains to the story of him and Lennie going away into a place of there own often to Lennie. We have the impression that George sometimes gets rather tired of Lennie as he repeats points and asks George to see him “the story” you observe this simply by “I jus’ tol’ you, jus’ las’ night” this can be wrote in an American method of speaking, this individual uses images as at the time you read this you say that to yourself in your head and you could imagine the method George can be speaking. As well George appears to swear quite a lot and generally towards Lennie where he cell phone calls him a “crazy bastard” this make use of profanity and pronunciation portrays George to be rather unfounded, we can expect this kind of as Steinbeck was a farmville farm labourer for some time.

The story was set in the 1930’s dark people where very disrespected and intended for slaves nowadays. Also they will wouldn’t be referred to as ‘black people’ it will be much more ethnicity as we can see from what they call Thieves “nigger”. When crooks addresses Slim he calls him “Mr slim” none of the other characters treat him this way, this reveals us that he offers respect for Slim and believes Slender is a guy of importance somewhat like the boss.

Slim is definitely portrayed being “almighty” we have the impression that Sleek is researched to by other guys, they admiration him and once they need answers or tips it is usually Sleek to whom they will turn to. While when Curley and Lennie fight it really is Slim who have everyone converts to. George asks him “Slim will we get discontinued now? ” This displays he provides power as well as the men imagine he can consider authority in situations like this. Steinbeck makes the personas dialogue extremely brief and it does not have detail i have heard it said what is important without detail, whereas when ever Steinbeck can be describing a personality or a place he uses descriptive vocabulary and Standard English, likewise he uses American dialect for certain words and phrases.

Throughout the publication there is couple of long content he uses short paragraphs. The way he describes spots and personas is very different to the dialogue, he uses imagery in both but in different ways in dialogue he uses the shortening of words and there basic ways to support us think about, whereas in the exposition this individual describes issues in much detail and uses colors effectively. As well for certain words and phrases he uses an American language to replace all of them.

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