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Adnan Syed

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Adnan Syed is the subject matter of the podcasting “Serial. inches This podcast discusses the murder of Hae Minutes Lee, that Syed was convicted. The podcast discusses many reasons for what reason Syed should not have been convicted of this criminal offenses, whether or not this individual committed this. The reason behind this is certainly mostly deficiencies in evidence. This may lead to the question, “Why did this individual get convicted if there was so little evidence? ” Well, as in brief touched in episode ten, the answer is apparently Islamophobia. Yet , it is also viewed that Syed was not the ideal child that his parents thought having been. His actions are the elements that must be viewed by juries, and not his religion or race. Adnan being a Muslim was a take into account his conviction, but significantly less attention must be payed to his religious beliefs as a aspect of the criminal offense.

The fourteenth Amendment in the Constitution warranties equal protection of the laws and regulations. A defendant accused of the crime should be judged in light of the adoptable evidence, not on stereotypes about his background. Adnan was born in U. T. soil to immigrants via Pakistan. However , no matter where his parents came from, he is an American. Unfortunately, the record firmly suggests and nudges on the fact that your Maryland would not treat the defendant as an American if they had charged him. We are forced to conclude that he was not attempted solely for the evidence yet also on his background, culture and race. In instance ten of Serial, the topic of Islamophobia is usually touched upon. It is easy to understand why people may well think that Adnan being a Muslim was a take into account his certainty. Vicki Walsh, the prosecutor during Adnan’s case, mentioned during the trial “Investigation reveals that they can tag methods from Pakistan as well. Is actually our situation your exclusive chance that if you issue a bail, then you definitely are providing him a passport underneath these situations to flee the country. inch (Koenig) This shows that the prosecution utilized Adnan’s religion against him. Seeing as how he was convicted, this clearly worked. Adnan was not treated equally as a north american should be. Much less attention should have been paid to Adnan’s ethnicity in order that he would have had a fair trial.

In episode 6, Koenig foretells Adnan about the moment he was called by the police about Hae. From this episode, Adnan reveals details about himself that show this individual wasn’t while perfect as his parents presumed. While he might just be living as a adolescent, it does provide evidence that Adnan has a history of resting to specialist figures. Adnan tells Koenig that, “I do remember that phone call and i also do remember becoming high at the time because the hypest thing will be high and have the police contact your cellphone. I’ll remember that. inch (Koenig) Adnan telling Koenig that having been high is merely one of the instances of the truth about Adnan contrasting from your narrative his parents thought. His actions should have recently been examined more than his race during the trial.

It might be said that Islamophobia acquired no standing in the trial, but this really is easily known as not true. The prosecutor especially says that because he provides family by Pakistan, he would be more likely to flee. This kind of shows that the attitude with the prosecutor is usually specifically anti-Islamic. Adnan’s contest had a huge role in his conviction, but his activities should have recently been what was analyzed by the criminal prosecution.

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