How Sassoon Captures the Brutality, Futility and Horror of Trench Warfare Towards His Audiences Essay

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“I am certainly not protesting resistant to the conduct with the war, nevertheless against the politics errors and insincerities which is why the struggling with men are being lost. ” – Siegfried Sassoon. Sassoon was obviously a well known English poet who had gained reputation by talking about his experience in the trenches as a gift during WWI. Sassoon uses his encounter to express the suffering he had undertaken around the battlefield which were described as brutalising, horrific and an unjustifiable waste of human lives. Thus it really is through these types of practices that allow Sassoon to capture the brutality, failure and horror of trench warfare to his audiences. Throughout every one of the works of Sassoon, 4 poems possess stood out to demonstrate these three topics.

Brutality becoming illustrated through ‘Counter Attack’ and ‘Suicide in the Trenches’, ‘ The Hero’ and ‘Does it Matter? ‘ demonstrating futility whilst ‘‘Counter Attack’ and ‘Suicide in the Trenches’ articulating horror. Violence – the trait of maximum cruelty. ‘Counter Attack’ illustrates brutality throughout the quote “And butchered, frantic gestures with the dead, ” a hyperbole and metaphor has been utilized to create this ferocious field. Juxtaposition is used to exhibit the soldiers’ movements’ unlike those in the dead.

By using these tactics it permits the audience to visualise the brutal consequences of an very common fight. “Down, and down, and down, this individual sank and drowned, ” repetition from the word ‘down’ has been used emphasising the soldiers’ brutal death as well as generating severe, visual symbolism. In ‘Suicide in the Trenches’, the affirmation “The heck where youth and frivolity go, ” juxtaposition is usually utilised to reveal that conflict is of scary and viciousness which is just like hell in taking away the innocence of soldiers. As well, “He set a topic through his brain, ” Sassoon has made this assertion extremely direct and medical giving it a dramatic effect when ever reading.

You have the use of brilliant imagery which will assists in displaying the brutal truth of males in the ditches where they will commit committing suicide just to avoid war. Failure – the caliber of having simply no useful effect, useless/lack worth addressing or goal.

Within the poem ‘The Hero’, quotes “And no one seemed to care except that lonely woman with light hair, ” and “We mothers are so proud of the dead troops, ” emotive language has taken place in these a couple of statements allowing the audience to appreciate how in vain war was back then because once the troops fought and died, no-one seemed to attention that they acquired given up their lives. “He thought how ‘Jack’,  cold-footed, useless swine. ” A metaphor continues to be applied to the words ‘cold-footed’ to give an idea which the solider had been compared to a hopeless pig along with the reality he was afraid and a coward the moment going to combat. Thus this kind of portrays futility by describing how the jewellry was picked out to guard his country but lacked off – not being valuable when needed.

Even though in the poem, ‘Does it Matter? ‘ this expression has been repeated a number of instances all through the poem through the utilisation of a rhetorical question asking the audience in the event going to battle and preventing for your country really indicate anything. Along with, a cynical tone continues to be put in place as a result of questions that Sassoon requests his viewers are weird, such as, “Does it matter? – dropping your legs? ” and “Does this matter? – losing the sight? ” It is through these estimates and techniques that allow Sassoon to stress on the theme of futility and exactly how once you fight for your country and come into contact with all sorts of injuries, no-one really cares about you – hence conveying the message it absolutely was pointless to attend war and a waste of time.

Horror – an intense feeling of fear, impact or outrage. In the poem ‘Counter Attack’, the line “Bullets spat”, representation has been used on give followers an unpleasant picture of war. Onomatopoeia has been used to add sound effects along with creating landscape and area of where the soldiers fought.

It is with these methods that the theme horror can be generated because audiences could fear where the bullets will hit these people – bullets coming from all distinct directions. Furthermore, “Wallowed like trodden sand-bags loosely stuffed, ” a simile continues to be engaged here to evaluate the troops to yellow sand bags that roll freely when fighting. Consequently, this kind of highlights scary to Sassoon’s audiences as he wanted to alarm and point out to his market of how tough the circumstances were of where the soldiers fought against.

Throughout the poem ‘Suicide in the Trenches’, the queue “Slept soundly through the forlorn dark, ” personification is definitely adopted by constructing a lonely and isolated qualifications on top of symbolising fear as a result of soldiers sleeping by themselves in the trenches and do not know what may happen – in the event that they will get up dead or alive. “With crumps and lice and lack of rum, ” the word ‘and’ uses repetition the moment listing the endless, catastrophic events that Sassoon went through. Imagery is exploited to demonstrate the bad conditions of the trenches back then. Consequently , horror have been depicted from your bad circumstances Sassoon had to live in being a result revolting audiences.

It is through these functions of Sassoon that has offered us and insight and understanding of what war was just like back then. Throughout the numerous tactics used by Sassoon it has allowed us, as an audience to comprehend and empathise with Sassoon about the brutalising and horrifying instances of warfare.

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