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A great unplanned motherhood is a problems in a student’s life. Alternatively Teen pregnant state is a term used in reference to young ladies who become pregnant before attainment of legal adulthood that may be between the age groups of 13-19 (UNICEF). A youngster mother can request the help of the health care provider in reviewing her options of being a parent, continuing the pregnancy and placing her baby for ownership, or terminating the pregnant state. To aid the decision-making process for individuals facing these types of choices, since the counselor I must initial examine my values and biases. From this paper all of us will learn about how exactly girls deal with unplanned pregnancy/ teenage pregnant state.

Based on the Cambridge English language dictionary, that states that bias is actually a tendency to lean within a certain path, often to the detriment associated with an open brain. Those who are prejudiced tend to consider what they want to think, refusing to take into consideration the viewpoints of others. It is additionally the desire or bias for or perhaps against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unjust.

In our country young pregnancy, is one of the growing problem in our culture. Although sexual intercourse education is definitely been educated in main and secondary school and through counseling and direction, there is nonetheless a wide occurrence of teen pregnancy, this can be a problem not only impact the teenager nevertheless also the society. Yet , in some section of the country teenager pregnancy is usually not a problem since it is a part of their very own culture especially in the Mayan residential areas. As a counselor I will still face using a sense of discomfort guidance this kid because a kid having a kid is very unsettling. Also, counselling a student with an unexpected pregnancy can be quite challenging for health care providers plus the student within their care. The battle comes from the individual feelings each I may include about unplanned pregnancy, illigal baby killing or adoption, and from the fact that an unplanned motherhood is a problems in a student’s life. In some instances, a teenager or perhaps student is definitely unsure of what the lady wants to carry out or what is best for her. Some pupils are not able to become father and mother. In this condition, a pregnant teen that may be depressed can make decisions that she might regret.

Teens that come from a strict spiritual background are likely to hide points from their teens, and that helps prevent the teens to be educated about actual life and exactly what are they stepping into. For many girls, this is because of your lack of raising a child. Therefore , each goes off and do things on the globe that they might regret. “Young peoples lovemaking reproductive health is a place that requires increased attention in policies and programs. Young people face increasing risks intended for poor reproductive health outcomes largely because of the absence of youth friendly services”. As a counselor if I know that a student of my very own is sexually active I would educate them about contraceptive especially if the kid comes from an unhealthy family. A large number of teenagers think that having a child don’t feature responsibilities.

It is my perception that making assumptions about the intentions with the mother is a frequent pitfall. As the counselor I am not presume, for example , that any female who is hitched desires the pregnancy or perhaps that any single female’s pregnancy is definitely unwanted. Since the counselor I can approach counseling having a sympathetic, nonthreatening tone, realizing that unintended being pregnant causes anxiety and stress for many women, teenagers and young moms. A simple question like, “How do you feel about the pregnancy? ” should be applied as an alternative to assertions like, “Congratulations! ” or, “Are you happy about the pregnancy? inch Other inquiries, such as, “Do you know what your alternatives are? inch or, “What are your opinions about parenting/adoption/abortion? ” can help the medical doctor further assess the situation. Asking about a patient’s social support system can identify women who might need additional resources.

Exploration states that the crisis associated with an unintended pregnant state can mix up several and sometimes competitive emotions in women and also providers. Denial might area to protect the woman from the discomfort of facing her situation. Dealing with a student who is in denial could be particularly tough for the counselor. However , I believe that with representation, discussion, and support, the lady can give up denial, nevertheless I won’t be able to take denial away. The student must truly feel safe enough and recognized enough to leave herself feel the internal tension and distress. When the scholar recognizes and acknowledges ambivalent feelings, she can move past denial and engage in the process of decision making.

According to Kohili Nyberg, that there has being a extended association of giving birth away of wedlock. Many people might condemn or stigmatized the teen who also got pregnant out of wedlock particularly if they received pregnant to get a married man. But on the other hand one might proceed contrary to that belief. The bible state, As for you, be successful and grow, populate the planet earth abundantly and multiply in it. Genesis 9: 7 as my role being a counselor I will weigh my personal option on how to deal with this case because My spouse and i don’t need to inflict my own perception on the person because they are cathedral goers.

Moreover, as a counselor, I must investigate every one of the possibilities of how the teen started to be pregnant in the first place. What if this child was raped or perhaps sexually molested by an adult male? Place be some other reasons why children might wrap up pregnant. Relating to Webster’s Dictionary afeitado is required, unwanted intercourse. Under the Belize law age consent is definitely sixteen. Girls aged twelve to fifteen and youthful are not legally able to agreement to sexual activity. A male who pushes themselves on the child that is under the associated with consent should be dealt with harshly because the forced themselves on the teen that cause them to conclude pregnant this really is a result to sexual assault. According to the Human Development Guide sexual violence is consider any violence” physical or perhaps psychological”that objectives sexuality or is enacted by sex means, including, rape and attempted rape. “Sexual assault continues to be one of the most horrific forms of violence against women in the Caribbean which includes Belize”. Males who devote these criminal offenses should be in prison mainly because they did some thing heinous. Being a counselor I have a personal opinion against guys who perform these things to women or children because the children probably left ruined or have an adverse reaction to men.

Additionally , I believe that to assist the students in making decisions, it is essential for me as the counselor to have current and appropriate information about abortion, adoption, and parenting. I must first evaluate what data the student previously has and her general level of education. A good way to assess her knowledge base is usually to ask her what questions she has and what this lady has heard (as opposed to what she knows). This allows me personally to avoid giving information trainees already provides and to fill out the knowledge breaks in a way your woman can figure out.

As an uppr division teacher, I generally encounter situations where my personal students or perhaps passed learners are turmoil with undesired pregnancy. Generally in most these pupils do not wish to keep the pregnancy and even though I i am a hundred percent against abortion I always try not to inflict what I believe to my own students. However , I give them the pros and cons for the situation. The scholars have a great deal trust in me and as their particular teacher and counselor I will not end up being upset with what they say but rather to guide those to make the fittest and rightest decision possible.

All in all as a counselor counseling students whose philosophy contradicts my personal beliefs my own main goal aims primarily toward fostering personality growth by simply helping persons gain regarding and approval of their feelings, values, and behavior. I need to extend steady, warm, “unconditional positive regard” toward “my student client” and think about my customers’ own verbalized concerns, to enable them to see themselves more plainly and react more openly during the counselling sessions and with others. Most importantly my own ethical code and professionalism is the key function in helping my personal students.

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