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Criminal Research: The Necessary Steps to Successful Achievement

The felony investigation may appear like a sophisticated process that may be highly based mostly on the nature of the crime by itself – but also in fact there is also a science to criminal analysis that has been created over the years and distilled to a basic, formulaic procedure which can be applied in virtually every case (Lyman, 2016). Essentially, the necessary steps to completing a successful legal investigation start out with an study of the crime scene and conclude with the involvement of the prosecutor with regards to whether or not to press expenses (based about evidence) against a think. This conventional paper will examine these steps in order and show how they follow a single upon the other in the system of legal justice to cope with the issue of crime and the difficulty of discovering and prosecuting a perpetrator in the case.

As Birzer and Roberson (2016) show, the main stages of criminal research are, inside the order of procedure: 1) crime field search, 2) report writing, 3) interview and revendication, 4) facts gathering and assessment, and 5) preparing the case pertaining to court. You start with the initially stage – searching the crime field – the investigator must approach the scene with caution. 1st responders will have already arrived at the scene and will most likely have taken steps to control ingress and egress to the scene. If not really, this should be established because the crime landscape must be manipulated and facts preserved. An initial survey with the scene will be conducted, which will include currently taking photographs with the scene, jogging the edge of the scene, examining the exterior of the building framework if necessary to verify that evidence is available. Questions associated with the crime will be put forward and a possible location intended for physical evidence considered in order that the utmost likely information can be acquired. A story of the picture is then developed that will inform a story of what happened. Speculation is to be prevented entirely plus the notes that supply the narrative should be based on physical evidence.

Once the landscape is took pictures of, sketched, and a detailed search of the landscape is done, evidence that is obtained should be collected and recorded to get official data. A chain of evidence should be begun that may provide an accounting of evidence at all times as it passed from a single set of hands to the different. Accounting pertaining to custody of evidence can be described as vital element of criminal research because a lot depends upon the evidence itself – especially the trial process. Any disruption in a chain of evidence can cause an entire circumstance being terminated and an investigation being unsuccessfully completed. Data plays a serious role in report writing as well. The written report of evidence obtained at a field. The survey allows remarks to be described more fully as well as for any audio to be transcribed. This survey is later used “in presenting the situation in court” along with sketches of the scene, mainly because it all allows “judges, juries, witnesses, yet others to visualize the crime scene” (Becker, Dutelle, 2013, s. 49). The investigative statement plays an important role in the development of a criminal case and its value and essential importance can not be understated.

The interview and interrogation process begins carrying out a review of evidence and the preliminary writing of the report. The interview process should be “highly structured” and conducted within a controlled environment (Becker, Dutelle, 2013, l. 193). Power over the environment all times is important – whether the investigator reaches the crime scene or conducting an interrogation. When an environment can be not secure, situations can arise that could easily spiral out of control and lead to problems to get the examiner later on – legal complications, in particularly that could invalidate the investigation. Thus, an interview should be medical in mother nature. The

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