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Hamlet, Hamlet Idea

Talk about the extent to which Shakespeare’s Hamlet is approximately Hamlet.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet depicts topic such as fate, deceit and procrastination through many character types such as Claudius, Hamlet and Ophelia. However , it is Hamlet who seriously gives significance to the storyline and to the main themes which will be discussed from this essay.

In fact , one perspective of the seeing the play can be placing Hamlet as someone who had no control over the poker site seizures happening in his life. He finds him self completely shattered at the loss of life of his father. A whole lot worse, is that his father was murdered by his very own uncle, Claudius and to crown it all, Hamlet’s mother re-marries Claudius. He can himself puzzled and the audience feels the way the re-marriage of his mother affected him when he identifies Claudius and Gertrude because ”uncle-father” and ”aunt-mother” respectively. These unexpected changes in his life shaped his feelings and thoughts and have started him to adopt revenge upon Claudius along with have created a sensation of hatred to his mother. This might curriculum vitae to Hamlet’s own words and phrases:

”There’s a divinity that shapes each of our ends” (Act V, Picture II)

This sheds lumination to the statement ”character is usually destiny”. The play can be stated to be the trip through which Hamlet discovers that his perceptive view of life failed in front of the electricity which destiny holds. The Wheel of Fortune is what shapes lifespan of people. He even says:

”How every occasions do inform against me” (Act IV, Picture IV)

Hamlet, too, acknowledges that he’s a sufferer of his circumstances. His actions will not save him from the hands of success, not even Shakespeare could preserve his personality from suffering his fortune. Shakespeare, just like the Greeks, presumed their your life to be ”their own future beyond the gods”. The force of fate is so powerful in the play that this targets the other character types as well, not only the leading part. In fact , the helplessness of human beings facing fate is definitely shown through the words of the First participant:

”Out, away, thou strumpet, Fortune! All you gods

Generally synod, remove her electricity

Break all of the spokes and fellies by her steering wheel

And pan the rounded nave throughout the hill of heaven

As little as to the fiends” (Act 2, Scene II)

Finally, this technique is used simply by Shakespeare to portray nobody escapes fortune. ”Hamlet” is exclusive in all the tragedies of William shakespeare. His tragic flaw certainly made him to dedicate the fatal mistake of procrastinating which will lead to his downfall and this affected living of the other characters as well to provide such a depressing end for the audience. Unlike Coriolanus whose tragic flaw, pleasure, led to his downfall only. The fatal mistake of Hamlet cave in to the fate of the other personas as well.

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