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► Hand out time: 1st June

► Turn in date: fifteenth June

P5 explain just how employee performance is measured and managed

M3 make clear how the results from measuring and managing functionality inform employee development

D2 assess the importance of measuring and managing staff performance at the job.

For your final task inside your new function as recruitment consultant of ‘Dave’s Management’ you have been asked to look at and set a report about how different organisations measures and manages the performance of their employees.

They would also like you to explain how a results from testing and calculating performance help with employee advancement. To conclude the report they will like you to assess the importance of measuring and managing employee performance at the job Further Direction:

Measuring efficiency:

►Performance indicators (achievement against targets);

►Goal theory;

►SMART (specific, measurable, feasible, realistic, time-bound)

►Targets eg sales targets, growth targets, economic targets, waiting around times, pass rates, punctuality, attendance


Taking care of performance:



►supporting personnel eg mentoring, monitoring, buddying;

►occupational health;

►managing workloads;

►delegating authority;


►capacity; skills;


►linking rewards to performance;


►employee development (training, learning, job rotation, accelerated advertising, personal, professional)

To achieve a PASS:

You will need to love that the maximum contribution is required from every single employee at work.

Jobs often have specific performance criteria linked to them, and so sales personnel may have to make £50, 000 of revenue per month. This might be because there is a small business objective exhibiting a sales target of £6 , 000, 000 for a salesforce of twelve people.

Individuals need to be supervised to ensure they are really working efficiently and meeting targets and standards arranged for them. Both equally above equiparable and under par performance must be maintained.

To achieve a MERIT:

You must be able to identify ideal performance signals to use with individual employees and show how the individual’s functionality can be better through the use of efficiency management.

Knowledgeable teachers may be judged in examination go rates and may be used for these people passing through a pay threshold may be the praise.

Chefs could possibly be judged in good opinions, gaining Michelin stars or perhaps the gross income margin of dishes and perhaps used as a means of determining whether they can gain a pay go up.

Not all employees are judged in the same ways while, so diverse performance indications are used to manage them.

Attending a study course maybe needed to remedy poor performance.

Staff may possess good being on time and presence monitored as they are standard requisites for working satisfactorily for a most of occupations.

To obtain a DIFFERENCE:

You should make conclusions about the value of monitoring and managing employees. The benefits of efficiency management needs to be contrasted while using consequences of failing to manage performance.


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