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Two common ways of handling a situation will be either to accomplish this

according to ones own personal needs and desires with no

specific view to others, or anybody can base a decision on

how it will be viewed by other folks. The vast majority of persons

fall quietly of being concerned about what others are saying

and thinking. Both good and bad comes from living this way

however it has appeared to remain constant throughout history. People

have got a natural aspire to belong, and to fit in with some

group. Regardless of what group a person chooses, that

individual typically is required sacrifice an element of

them personal in order to seem more an element of things. People in this

universe seem to require companionship and they are often as well weak to stand

exclusively. As a result, they will stand with each other in what at any time group they

are best suitable for.

It is a stage of interest to several of the individuals who have stopped

to think about this truth. The idea that people live according to

how others will perceive then simply has been founded as the rule

not really the different. The real issue now is based on the reasons to get

this way of life. It had been hypothesized by simply C. S i9000. Lewis that

desire to belong and to easily fit into is a all-natural human attribute.

He assumed that people offer an instinctive travel to are supposed to be, in

similar sort of approach species replicate. It is possible that his

theory of instinctive necessity is usually accurate, and humans happen to be as a

entire are week and scared when they are up against solitude.

The old adage there may be safety in numbers is suitable in

this kind of topic. Generally in this world bad things happen because

people group up and make unspeakable acts, then take shelter in

the amounts of those included. The Total annual Freaknik party

is the excellent example. Thousands of individuals group the

pavements of Atlanta and pillage the city to get a weekend, all the

while that they show zero respect to get the laws and regulations or the residents of the

city. This can be directly related to the issue of people performing

things to be a part of the group. If these individuals were asked

individually how come they did these kinds of terrible items, for the most

portion they would react by saying everyone else is performing it.

This can be translated to I am just looking to be a part of

things. In this particular example all those involved sacrifice

any feeling of morals or parental input that they might have had.

Every person is doing it. This word has ruined thousands of

lives. It could may be the worst 4 word mixture in the

British language. People have been certain to begin medication use

drunk driving, cliff jumping, and many other foolish

activities. The reason behind this is obvious, the human necessity

to fit in and to seem to be cool can often be to solid to take on. A

person could have the world and all of their riches, but with out

someone to share it with, that person would be absolutely alone.

People need each other. This really is a fact of the world, and it will

hardly ever change. This kind of need is an all natural desire that is found every

where in every single person with very few exceptions. It is authentic that

difficulty can make and awful things can occur because of these

organizations, but the positive aspects associated far out weigh the costs.

These groups that people type between themselves often act as

shelter pertaining to the unhappy, for this reason it can be natural to get

people to get far out all their way if required to are supposed to be a

particular crowd. Because of this the view of others is usually

crucial element of life.

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