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Human Tendencies

Human Physiology, Road Rage, Human Laptop Interaction, Unusual Psychology

Excerpt from Dissertation:

Unnatural psychology, a sub-field of psychology, does not have established key theory, unlike other scientific disciplines including math, physics, or biochemistry (Long, 2009). In order to handle patients with psychological disorders, professionals in the field use knowledge gained via clinical mindset studies, especially information received from research related to psychopathology. Beginning in the 1900’s, analysts proposed a number of theories and treatments of abnormal mindset which centered on the relationship of psychological, physical, and interpersonal conditions in the individual and society. During its origins, psychology was often analyzed in conjunction with viewpoint, but today it is more commonly utilized in the domains of neurology and physiology (Comer, 2003). Modern day mental theories include found functional applications inside the areas of business, personal development, computer systems, health and even sports. This kind of holds true for the field of abnormal psychology too.


Studies in irregular psychology comply with three diverse theoretical designs (Long, 2009). These types are used to determine and possibly deal with abnormal patterns, and are defined as psychosocial, biological/medical and sociocultural. A brief check out each can define all their applications in the discipline.

The psychosocial unit deals with could be personal relationships with their environment (Long, 2009). Psychosocial analyze focuses on pressure triggers and self-destructive behavior. An example of abnormal reactions to daily scenarios might include road trend. The biological/medical model research the effects of neurological damage, human hormones and neurotransmitters with regard to tendencies and cognitive function. A few areas of unnatural behavior that fall under biological/medical include Alzheimer’s disease, Add and major depression (Long, 2009). Sociocultural hypotheses study the consequences of societal elements on individuals in an city setting. An example is the condition of obesity within a world that may be promoting fitness and health and healthier choices. Sociocultural studies also explore how come people select soft addictions (e. g. smoking and social drinking), according to Long (2009).


Study regarding abnormal psychology stems from each of our natural have to explain tendencies which is different from precisely what is acceptable since “normal. ” Historically, individuals have been trying to understand, cope and take care of individuals with unusual behavior because the beginning of society. While the study of psychology and all its sub-fields have got evolved in to applied procedures, theoretical versions have helped define certain avenues of research and treatment within the field of abnormal psychology.


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