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I find it is amazing how human is a only staying ( by means of being able to be viewed by common senses ) as the only independent thing by which is not subjected, or bordered to, any limiting factors (except by the factor of capability of individual itself ). If we are to study, how come human are able to think independently, we see a brain.

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Now, when you analyze the brain and view it from a philosophy spectrum, you will recognize that the brain is simply a bunch of chemical substances ( actually everything is usually chemicals ) that collaborates together and form a really sophisticated and complicated effective mechanism of maneuvering and solving factors of countless many ( think of that like this, you mix in a variety of chemicals ( such as H(2)O, CO(2) and kinds of other chemical component of the brain), and find the fact that mixed chemicals are capable of considering! ).

As quoted from Oliver Sachs from the TED Discuss ( forgive me if I’m mistaken), Information as energy, streams in together through all of our sensory systems, and then that explodes in this collaborative collage ( the collection here are used to signified the greatness of the brain, being each of the mind cell capability to think ).

At this point, our brain has two very opposing parts, the passive and the active group. This two groups are extremely different in a manner such that it can even contradicts itself, although it staying in a single appendage in our body system which is strange. That is the benefits of decision.

All of us make decision in our day to day life and in simple fact, every items make decision, even inside the atomic level ( the attracting and discharge of electron itself by atoms is decision). But what makes us different from other things happen to be that we can make decision even beyond the unaggressive limitation ). For example , while you are running at some point you are going to gets exhausted. When you are exhausted, your passive group of brain make decisions to increase pulse and maximize breathing procedure rate, and provide your energetic group of human brain a decision to avoid running (since running is definitely an active reaction).

You have now two options, firstly you agreed with all the passive brain to stop working and have a rest. Secondly, you could countinue running and eventually dies. Now here’s the thing, the main target of living thing is usually to, survive and dying is not a extremely good choice if you need to survive, however, you, as a living thing, an independant living things has in fact broke the purpose of becoming a living factor (the fact that very purpose of living things is to survive as well intrigues me, how can a variety of collaborative chemical compounds wants to live, to survive ).

Unlike vegetation for example , they are really subjected to restrictions or regulations. For example , when they require sunshine and normal water, it will increase shoot and root respectively. They are unable to overcome this limitation of “thinking as they are not independant, unlike we human. Even more amazingly, with this power of decision we can easily compute a really complicated mathemical problems, mechanised problems, and overcome defects. Although that was a extremely bad example of decision but the point this is that we have the ability to actually take action beyond the horizon and boundaries of passiveness.

We all human offers this miracelous gift of being able to think actively. With this capacity, we can take action good, or something bad. And it is for all of us to decide. Is it with this capability, that divide individuals into amounts of intelectuality and quality, it really is this ability that can form a single human being capable of transforming and nourishing the entire entity of universe then when ignored, the most simpleton of blockhead, bonehead, dumbass, dunce, dunderhead, hammerhead, knucklehead, loggerhead, lunkhead, muttonhead, numskull kind of human.

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