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Home repair and structure

Home repair and system works goes back in human history. They are of historical and cultural relevance in individual lives mainly because they symbolize the individuals way of life which include tradition, appearance, culture and in many cases their civilization. The arts and architecture indicates the skills of your forefathers and how people of ancient instances used to style their constructions. There are present different backgrounds in the society and specific group has its own one of a kind skills you can use to identify their culture. The present portraits or perhaps buildings are used to identify the skills different people possessed in the past. In this paper we intend to compare and contrast the art and architecture of two church buildings.

The Presbyterian memorial service church situated in St . Augustine was made by Henry Flagler to honor his eldest little girl who passed away while giving beginning. The chapel was developed by McDonald and McGuire workers kind their construction firm as well as the architect was Thomas and John Carrere. The cathedral is considered one of many historic chapels located for Valencia thirty six Street in Florida, America. In the external view the cathedral is one particular story building with a substantial lantern and dome. The building measure 170-10 by roughly 111 1 and the form is Latina cross with a circular tomb of the Flagelas family predicting from narthexs west part (Agustine). The foundation of the building is made of mass concrete while the walls of the building are made of mass concrete and embellished brick.

Description of the room view from the church

The floor is created using brought in Siena tile placed in a pattern similar to Venetian segregated by 14 violet plaques of broccia marble reminiscent of the 12 disciples. The Baptismal Typeface is made of just one solid portion of Siena marble which is a very beautiful German carving. A curved skull cap lectern is positioned over the typeface. Its from the lectern in which the church services are done. An elegantly curved display screen for the choir sits above the rostrum. The interior of the building can be well furnished with beautifully bent woodwork of mahogany present in Santo Domingo. It is this kind of mahogany that was used to accomplish the surfaces, make doorways and the pews which were imported specifically for use in the church construction. The windows were well designed and are also made of very well stained glasses that are exclusive from the other person resembling the Apostle Creeds articles. The organ of Roosevelt was constructed again and a solo organ included through the new structure. At the The southern area of gallery you will find Estey installations covering the bodily organs of the echo and chimes. They are all performed from the manual console inside the loft with the choir.

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