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Violent Relationships

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Excerpt via Thesis:


S1 – Simply no

S2 – No

S3 – No

Rational – This question is intended to determine whether other designs of maltreatment occur within just teenage cultural relationship a lot more frequently than actual physical maltreatment or face-to-face verbal abuse. Had any of the subjects responded affirmatively, that would have suggested specific followup questions to explore the issues raised.

6. Have any of your good friends ever been the victim of stalking-type of behavior? If you do, through what medium (in person, by phone, via Internet, and so forth )? Also, how many people are you aware personally with ever been made their victim in this way?

S1 – Certainly; four

S2 – Yes; two

S3 – Certainly; four

Rational – This question offers a comparison towards the subjects inside the Claiborne research.

It also expands the anecdotal data to feature three individual peer organizations.

7. Perhaps you have ever before (today) discussed a defieicency of violence or abuse in relationships with the parents or perhaps other adults?

S1 – No

S2 – Zero

S3 – No Realistic – This question offers an indication of whether or certainly not subjects who have are aware of assault and misuse issues in relationships among their peers seek out advice or perhaps counseling coming from adults because regard. In addition, it corresponds to findings of the Claiborne study regarding the perpetual ignorance of parents of this issue.


The interviews confirmed the several elements of the publicized results of the Claiborne study. Specifically, all three skilled an intimate marriage by the age of 14, with two of three having a 1st experience by age of twenty-three; two from the three interview subjects were personally mindful of abusive human relationships among their friends; only one from the three experienced ever reviewed the issue of romance abuse with peers; all were aware of multiple instances of stalker-type behavior knowledgeable within their expert groups; and non-e in the interview subject matter had ever discussed the issues with any adult before.

The Claiborne examine and the interviews with Doctor Miller, Ms. Randel, and Mr. Lynch all advised that harassing behavior and violence are relatively common within teen relationships. Also, that research and equally CBS interview segments written about the mind boggling frequency with which modern media such as the Net and mobile phones have been abused by teenagers for damaging purposes as well as to harass or perhaps persecute various other in their expert group.

Every one of the resources contacted for this task characterize teenagers as extremely unlikely to solicit therapies or tips from adults on issues having to do with mistreatment in relationships. The interviews conducted with all the three topics also generally seems to suggest that young adults generally usually do not discuss these issues among themselves, even when they are personally aware about an acquaintance who may have been victimized. In that view, only one of two subjects who suggested they were individually aware of a great abusive condition within their peer respective organizations had ever before discussed the problem among colleagues.

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