Human service Essay

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Compile a list of a persons service agencies in your city or state. Select two firms from your list. Research and study the available details for each firm, obtained from the agency’s Web site or additional credible Internet sources.

Search for information about how the agency decides needs and the demographic it serves. Make reference to Appendix C for suggestions about where to find this information and Appendix G intended for other suggested Web sites. Compare the information you found for every single agency, after that answer the next questions in 200 to 300 words: •What requirements do every agency fulfill and what demographic really does each company serve?

What or who may have influenced the agency’s decision to meet the needs on this demographic group? •What differences have you observed between the methods the two companies attempt to meet up with human needs? •How powerful is every single agency in meeting the needs of its market group? What challenges may be preventing the agencies via meeting selected needs? Well the two agencies that I researched where food stamps (FI) and Medical planning.

They are just about the same nonetheless they only get if you need all of them. If you have a low income relatives then you can find them both. However you have to make it around the charts. They go by the amount of money that you produce and how many kids you could have too.

However, you don’t have to have kids to get food stamps or perhaps Medicaid. These types of groups focus on all the people but Medical planning only goes to the people which can be older and have kids which might be under the age group 18 years of age. The way Over the internet that they have generated for the people is that they give persons food inside house or perhaps they make sure that they have the care that they have to live for a longer time or even just obtain checked out to get a cold.

I do believe that the biggest challenges that they face is intending to find out who have really demands it and who don’t need it. They have to look at every case perfectly and make sure that they can don’t possess any way to cheat the system any way. In my opinion that both of these thing make the government better and help make use of become a better united states right around.

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