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I do believe when most of the people think of the American Wish they think of the part inside the Declaration of Independence in which is says that all men are created equivalent and that they have the right to existence, liberty as well as the pursuit of happiness. But which is rub, precisely what is happiness. I do think now-a-days most of the people would associate it with making all the money as it can be to have the “good life. Naturally , this can indicate different things to be able to people.

I do believe most people wish to own their particular home and possess enough cash to provide their very own family adequately.

In 2006, my husband and I were fortunate to be able to help to make a trip to the Philippines to grab my son who offered a two year mission there to get our chapel. From what I saw there, what my personal son informed me and feedback made by the native Philippine guide, Beth Grafilo, I possess concluded that the Filipino people envy the American people and would love to be able to live the American Dream.

(J. Saxton & W. Grafilo, personal communication, 2006). The unfortunate fact is that the majority of them stay in abject low income and will hardly ever attain that. Mrs.

Grafilo is well-off in contrast to the majority of Filipinos. She owns a van, which is considered extra there. On her it is her means of sustenance and therefore absolutely essential. The Philippine people are diligent and proficient at figuring out techniques for making money. If perhaps they have a realistic alternative, they have to trim over backwards to keep it. Therefore , customer service is exemplary presently there. Entrepreneurship is usually valued as well because often the best way to create money is to have small businesses00. A couple of interesting things that we noted had been that inside the most modest homes we visited they will still a new TV.

I also known that there is certainly no homelessness in the Philippines because they will live anywhere they can put up a shelter. Shanty Cities abound there. Lucky for these people the Korea has a incredibly temperate weather. I have hardly ever been out of the United States prior to and to go to essentially a third world region was quite eye beginning. I did embark on the internet to read more about the Philippines and Filipino culture. Reference: Roxas-Lim, A. Social Heritage in Philippine Culture. PDF. School of Thailand. Retrieved coming from http://fahnoe. ph/filer/toledo-cebu/Cultural-Heritage-in-Philippine-Society. pdf.

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