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“The Hunger Games” is a the first book in a great series of three books written by Suzanne Collins. It takes you into the lifestyle of a frightened but quick-thinking, brave lady named Katniss Everdeen who learns how to survive on her own by a very early age when her father passed away in a exploration accident. As a result day upon, she watched over her small family (mother and small sister, Prim) as well as herself by hunting in the hardwoods of District 12 everyday with her guy good friend Gale (who might have a specific thing for her yet no one seriously knows).

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Section 12 was one of the 12 districts that made up the region of Panem. Panem was once the country of America. When an outbreak swept throughout the continent of North America, Panem was formed and, the people who lived under the rules established by the capitol did not like it.

They rebelled against the capitol and shed. Now, annually, children’s brands, ages 12 through 18, are put into a dish and slow during a wedding known as “The Reaping. ” This is a dreaded as well as no one really wants to be a part of it because they already know if their brands are attracted, it is almost like a loss of life sentence. Every time a name is referred to as, you will be then taken and thrown into the system known as “The Hunger Games. ” Each of our narrator, key character, and hero also known as Katniss Everdeen, offered herself as a homage in place of her younger sis Prim in order to save her life.

The moment her and Peeta Mellark (the young man tribute via district 12) were removed to the capitol, they went through some quite intense schooling and in the final, well, you’ll have to look at the book to discover what happened but it really was type of an unexpected stopping. This book was so good as it kept you on your toes the whole time. I would charge it a great 9. your five.

I gave it that high of a rating because, the sudden seemed to happen a lot and things sprang up all the time out of no where. The book also stored a good tempo and there weren’t to numerous dull moments; there was just enough detail that you might picture what was going on in your mind while the tale kept going. The only thing that Some like about this guide was the fact that it appeared almost too futuristic.

Yes, it is true that the tale takes place millions of years from our present day however it looked almost to realistic. Crazy is a good word that identifies what some of the people acted like this lived in the capitol. In most though, I seriously did feel that this was a great book and i also would suggest it to anyone that was considering reading it.

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