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Hurricane Katrina

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Excerpt from Research Proposal:

In spite of there being a “Federal Response Plan” set up, the bureaucratic machinery required a long time to activate. The Federal Urgent Management Company (FEMA), which has been supposed to put into practice the Government Response Program, was hardly in a condition to respond effectively to the condition. The Organization was still tailored for respond primarily to a significant nuclear attack and noticed its key responsibility while distributing national loans and grants to help rebuild an area after a devastation. It would certainly not issue direct aid into a state until it was given a specific request by governor, and the state was unable to issue specific requests for aid because it acquired no one was available to assess the damage (Franklin). Federal support was therefore slow in arriving which a frustrated overseer of Dade County’s Urgent Office produced the famous statement, “… Where the hell may be the cavalry about this one? inch (Quoted by simply Lerbinger, 61) the estimate captured the complete sense of frustration and helplessness that disaster subjects felt. Stung by the critique of the federal response to the emergency, Director Bush create a presidential process force went by Transportation Secretary Andrew H. Credit card, Jr. To get jump-starting the entire disaster response process. Even though Card had taken important actions that helped expedite the delivery of governmental assistance; but simply by bypassing existing policies and processes, these kinds of measures eventually proved bothersome and high-priced and caused greater misunderstandings and impeded a coordinated response to the tragedy (Schneider, 100).

In addition , as though two cooks were not enough to ‘spoil the broth’ the federal government submitted a third – the army. It is authentic that the army performed important tasks inside the disaster alleviation process following hurricane. This quickly evaluated the significance of the condition and airlifted in a great deal of food, products, and tools to the damaged areas; it cleared particles from the streets and air-ports; it employed mobile field kitchens to serve dishes to hungry citizens and relief workers; erected tent cities to accommodate the destitute; and this operated clinic facilities that provided emergency medical care to local citizens (Ibid. ) the armed service and marine troops likewise helped to stabilize circumstances in the disaster-stricken areas and controlled the looting and vigilante response. Yet the armed service often served independently of other businesses and firms and bypassed the official disaster-response structure – the FEMA – plus the “unofficial” president emergency procedure – the presidential process force – adding more confusion to an currently haphazard tragedy relief efforts.


Typhoon Andrew was one of the priciest natural problems to have strike the United States. This affected the southern part of Florida most severely. Even though some measures just like timely evacuation of people over the coast helped to minimize losing lives, the uncoordinated and sluggish response of the authorities and disaster relief agencies to address the aftermath of the storm, irritated its effects, especially in Florida.

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An additional 25 lives had been lost in Dade Region, Florida from the indirect effects of Andrew

The state of hawaii governor grossly underestimated the severity of the situation. For example , he evidently thought that the Florida National Guard could handle the problem. So this individual did not initially request national military support

Measures just like, for example , purchasing of pain relief workers for making immediate membership determinations for individual assistance without having to wait for the standard inspection of damages; and doubling in the maximum amount of cash that

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