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hurricanes Floyd and Grace equally brought disastrous damage, Floyd’s impact arrived largely from the Floyd alone, while Grace’s impact originate from the mixture with two other weather conditions systems. On its own, Floyd was obviously a force being reckoned with: a Category 3 storm that extended from Canada to the U. S. that came on the heels of Storm Dennis. In contrast, Grace was obviously a less strong storm that might have dissipated naturally just before causing significant damage.

Typhoon Floyd


Hurricane Floyd first produced as a tropical depression upon September seventh 1999. Floyd formed about 1, 000 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, and gradually grew in durability over the up coming few days when moving in a west-northwest at risk of several times. During this time of growth, Floyd moved within the islands in the Bahamas and began to parallel the southern coast of the United States. During this time, Floyd fluctuated among a Category three and four typhoon, but slowly but surely weakened as it headed to get the coast of the United States (National Weather Service).

Floyd was an huge hurricane, stretches all the way from Canada to Florida. Floyd was about 2 times the size of an average Atlantic Hurricane at about 580 km around in total (Herring).

In addition to its large size, Floyd was also a formidable force. Gusts of wind near Floyd’s eye had been about 130 km per hour, rating Floyd as a Category 3 typhoon. Throughout its immense course, Floyd’s gusts of wind were regarding 40 to 73 km per hour (Herring).

Residents from the Atlantic declares braced themselves for the arrival of Floyd. Floyd came on the heels of Hurricane Dennis, which got already helped bring substantial problems for the Carolina coast. Dennis hit the Carolina seacoast first like a Hurricane, and later came on land as a tropical storm on Sept. 2010 15th. As being a tropical storm, Dennis brought 70-mile-per hour winds and torrential rains (Herring).


As a result of the damage caused by Dennis, the Carolina seacoast was already vulnerable before Floyd hit land. In many areas, the ground was already saturated by Dennis’ rains, and sporadic thunderstorms, making the terrain highly vunerable to flooding (National Weather Service; Herring).

Floyd first strike land near Cape Dread, North Carolina at around several: 00 AM on September 16, 1999. In the next 12 hours, Floyd lowered an impressive15 to 20 inches of rainfall in New york (Herring).

Floyd’s impact on North Carolina was destructive. Writes Sardines “many woods that experienced withstood the elements for decades were browsing waterlogged soil and got moved over like bowling buy-ins. ” In addition , swelling streams, creeks and capillaries helped bring further damage (Herring).

By 16th of September, Floyd seemed to have run its course. Direct sunlight appeared, and folks resumed all their normal plans. However , Floyd’s devastation was not finished. On the night of the 16th, the Tar, Neuse, Roanoke, and Pamlico Waterways and their tributaries, swollen by Floyd’s rains, overran their very own banks. The overflow spilled into cities, trapping people on their rooftops, washing apart roads, and contaminating water supplies. Farming areas endured, as millions of domestic swine drowned, along with a lot of chickens, as well as the fisheries had been threatened simply by runoff (Herring).

While it expanded from Canada to Florida, Floyd helped bring the largest numbers of damage to New york, Virginia, and Mid-Atlantic Declares. In North Carolina alone, Floyd caused

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